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In 2015 I have decided to make things easier on me. Yes you heard that right, I am looking at solutions to give me more time and to stop some of the stress that goes with these tasks. Task number one is food shopping with kids. I can hear the sighs and ahhaa’s while I am writing this. I did do a couple of home deliveries last year but swore to keep it up and it did not happen.

Now we are in a new year I have just had my first home delivery of food products, and also a nice bottle of gin for my occasional refreshing mummy beverage. I was not worried about kids while shopping as I did it all from the convenience of my home.

Shopping trolleys will be a thing of the past with online shopping

Shopping trolleys will be a thing of the past with online shopping

I did not have to get changed or have a shower to go shopping. The best part of it was that the kids were not distracting me, from what I went to the shops for in the first place. I could focus on the task and get what I needed rather than every 2mins or less tell a child to stop creatively dancing in the aisle, or to get out of someone’s way, or that whatever they ask for it is going to be a NO!

Plus the other one that I keep on repeating, “Stop touching that, touching is not looking. You look with your eyes not your hands!” I am sure I am not the only one that has found the relaxing way to shop is online and it has definitely made me want more of this serenity while doing the food shop.


I would in all seriousness go clothes shopping than get the weekly shop for the house. Ladies I am sure I am not alone on this!

To go to the shops I would have to put two kids in the car, get them out, be a stressed out mummy while at the shops, get kids and shopping in car, get home, get kids and shopping out of car, and finally put shopping away but not before giving the kids something to do to allow me to get it all done. The kids do help with items that they can carry and help put away but once it gets a bit hard, I am on my own.

One thing that I noticed once I did the online shop, I thought that since I had ordered it they were in my kitchen. Yes very silly. However I had mentally gone to the shops but not yet received the product. Have you done this before? Or is it just me? Maybe I need more sleep?

Do you shop online for your groceries? Do you find it makes life easier and less stressful? I do, and I will be making sure the rest of the year I do more online orders. Spending hours at the shops for food when you could be doing other things is no brainer. I do understand that you might need to go to get the odd item and that is fine, but for big shops it is the way to go!

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