Make Sure You Get Your Flu Shot!


Last Thursday (Yes the day before Good Friday) all of us but one is got the flu shot. Our youngest is getting his next week as it is a special free clinic for kids under 5.

So last Monday (30th of March) our little boy fell out of bed and hit his front teeth on the corner of his bed…yep really hard and it has now made some teeth wobbly. At first, it was just a cut lip and sore teeth. I did check and they were not wobbly but he said they were sore. I gave him panadol and thought it would be better soon. A few days later hubby took him to the doctors and to make sure all was okay.

Get your flu shot - make sure the whole family has one!

Get your flu shot – make sure the whole family has one!

The doctor confirmed that one front tooth is wobbly but there is not much we can do. It is still in his mouth and doesn’t look like it will fall out, so at least that is good. We were told to give him panadol and for him to take care….hahaha a four-year-old taking care. Really!

Ever since he hurt himself he has been bumping, hitting his head and hurting himself. It seems like every time I turn around he has blood coming from his knee, arm, foot, mouth or face. Danger child is keen to really to have a major injury and of course make us go emergency at the hospital. However, due to COVID-19 we are keen to avoid the hospital if we can.


While hubby was at the doctor’s with Alexander he told him that he wanted all of us to get the flu shot. Hubby was taken back and said that the flu shot cannot help you if you get COVID-19, but then the doctor said this:

“If you have had the flu shot and do get COVID-19 they are seeing that people get a milder version of the virus”

Now we have no idea about this but when a doctor tells you to do this I think you should listen.

“Protecting yourself and your family from the flu with a vaccination now will help reduce the strain on health resources from COVID-19,” said RACGP president Harry Nespolon. The flu vaccine won’t combat COVID-19, but it will help to reduce the severity and spread of seasonal influenza, which can lower a person’s immunity and make them susceptible to other illnesses.” (

The doctor printed out scripts for all of us except Alexander to get the medication for the flu shot. Hubby went to the chemist and sourced the goods and now today we are off to get the needles. It is not the family outing I had planned and while in lockdown and staying at home the only family outing is a doctor visit so maybe I should just be happy with the fact all of us are getting in a car to go somewhere together.



Hubby hates needles and fights going to the doctors so for him to embrace what the doctor said was next to amazing. Yep, a doctor told him something and he rushed out to do it. I think it had something to do with the pandemic we are currently facing with coronavirus.

The twins had never had flu shots before and were a bit worried and nervous, we told them that there is nothing to worry about and all will be fine…its just a needle.

One of the girls her arm was a bit sore and then a few days later the same for me. Hubby and my other little girl seemed fine, although the girls and I were a little tired with some symptoms of a cold but on the whole okay.

Now it has been a few days after having the flu shot I must say my arm is better and I am feeling okay rather than under the weather.

One other bonus of having the flu shot is to ensure that after all this COVID-19 is cleared up that we don’t all end up sick with the terrible flu as well.

Plus making sure you don’t get sick with the flu means that you might not be susceptible to get COVID-19, for example, if you have a lower immunity due to getting ill and then you get something else on top of the flu.

It is a horrible time. A time that many are facing uncertainty and one that we are all struggling to hang on until this horrible virus is over or at the very least gone mostly from Australia.

I have read that some develop antibodies and some people don’t. I am not sure the doctors know why this is not happening for all that have recovered. The common belief is that you will get this sickness again and it will not go away.

Many around the world are working away on a vaccine and I hope that this happens sooner rather than later.

So if you can please get the flu shot this year, and make sure the whole family gets it too!

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