Less Intelligent: I don’t think so!

Working Mum,Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Working Mum,Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Why is it that there is a study stating that mothers are less intelligent than other women who don’t have children? I for one consider myself intelligent. I am not in Mensa but have successfully finished a post graduate degree while looking after twins and kept a distinction average. This is not an easy feat.

Before kids I was a person who was doing well at her job and was climbing the corporate ladder. I do want to have a career but also wanted to have kids. I understand women who don’t want to have kids and concentrate on their careers. This is great and fine. Why does the sudden introduction of motherhood make me less intelligent than the career woman who does not have children? Stupid study if you ask me.  It is a choice and if you want kids, have them, if not don’t. Analysis of intelligence is not going to prove anything, other than some people are focused on their career and others accept time out to have a family. I could have told you that without a study!

Mothers who work, juggle all things very well, kids, work, home, meals, and kids activities. I hardly think that this looks like you are less intelligent. I am not sure why intelligence comes into it at all really. Do fathers get this questioned about them? I don’t think so? Why is it that women are seen as the lesser here?

Satoshi Kanazawa is the person behind the study that women who are mothers are less intelligent, he has also “used research to make the case that black women are inherently less attractive than non-black women” (Washington Post, Sourced: 21st August 2013). I for one think that is terrible research and a horrible thing to say. I think his theories are rubbish personally. What about you?

“According to reports, his latest findings allege a direct correlation between a woman’s intelligence and whether or not she chooses to become a mother. More specifically, his findings indicate that women with higher IQs are statistically less likely to become mothers.” (Washington Post, Sourced: 21st August 2013)Maybe this is right, but many high performing women and men who do have high IQ’s have kids. Again it might just go back to focusing on your career and not really wanting children. Some people want kids and others don’t. This is not news!

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is rubbish or has some truth in it? I for one just think if you are focused on other things and have never wanted kids that is your choice. People and couples that never have children focus on their careers and have more disposable income due to not having kids to spend it on. They also put more time into work and that leads to promotions and more money. This can happen for a working woman but as the article from the Washington Post said:

“…the workplace has not changed enough accordingly. Even in workplaces with so-called family-friendly policies, “the CEOs are not leaving the office, by and large, early afternoon to see their daughter or son act in a 2nd grade play.” (Pamela Smock is a Research Professor affiliated with the University of Michigan’s Population Studies Center, quoted from the Washington Post article)

I for one agree with the statement that the workplace has not changed. Even though organisations claim they are flexible and family friendly they still require you to commute to a job that can be done all online. I do understand that from time to time a meeting at the office is needed. This is fine and can be arranged with notice. As a woman who would love to get back into the workforce, use her skills and also earn money for the family a role working from home is ideal currently. However these roles are hard to come by and mostly these jobs are given to existing employees that have proven themselves to the company already. From previous experience businesses like to make sure you are doing the work and pulling your weight. I think that this would be obvious to the employer and if the person does not meet the targets or KPI’s then they have every right to warm them or even fire them if the job that they were hired to do is not being done.

With all the technology that is at our fingertips now I don’t understand why we are not harnessing the workforce of talented mums and dads that are looking after kids at home. A job share or even part time employment to test the waters might be ideal. If organisations are flexible and allow tasks to be done at night time and some during the day why not hire people that can work remotely. You don’t have to pay for a desk, the organisation has less overheads and you can still hire quality staff. As a person that is looking after her twin girls this would be lovely in the ideal world. What do you think?

Send in your comments and thoughts. Do you agree or disagree? You know where I stand.

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