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Alexander loves LEGO and has really wanted to play with his big sisters LEGO sets.

However, these LEGO sets are for big kids and have super tiny to extremely little bits that go with any of the kits I have purchased (Also due to having a lot of LEGO and not a great system in place the LEGO is stored in a draw and easily accessible by the twin’s little brother).

LEGO Jr Incredibles 2 Underminer Bank Heist Set

LEGO Jr Incredibles 2 Underminer Bank Heist Set

The twins are eight years older than their brother so as you might imagine they are doing more complicated things with their LEGO creations than he is, although he would love to give it a go.

I have noticed that he seems to be very good at not putting any little piece in his mouth or elsewhere so that is a plus and decided to see how he would go with the LEGO Jr Sets.

Finished Incredibles 2 Set all ready to play with

Finished Incredibles 2 Set all ready to play with

Superheroes are a big hit and the Incredibles Films are a firm favourite with Alexander and also the twins. Having a kit that features the “Underminer Bank Heist” from The Incredibles 2 was a good idea. 

Alex was keen to open his new LEGO set and kept on wanting to build it. I helped with opening up the box and assisted him in building the kit. It came with Mr Incredible, Mrs Incredible (Elastigirl) and the Underminer. You also can build a bank vault with breakaway door and a street scene with wall and buildable streetlamp, plus an Incredibile vehicle and Tunneler machine with spinning drill bits.  Some parts needed mummy to help and others Alex was able to click the bricks into place.

My little boy is a little young to do it all himself but enjoyed the process and playing with the set once finished.

I was very pleased once the set was complete and it matched the picture on the box and instructions. However, a three-year-old toddler didn’t care too much for accuracy and ended up dismantling my hard efforts on making sure it looked picture perfect and created his own game with Mr Incredible and the Underminer, oh and loved the fact that he got another car with the kit too (he is obsessed with cars).

The underminer and Mrs Incredible (AKA Elastigirl)

The underminer and Mrs Incredible (AKA Elastigirl)

Alexander will be 4 in January and since he is really into building with LEGO I’ve organised more LEGO Jr kits just for him.

More about how good LEGO is for kids:

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