Left Over Bake

Left over bake before it goes in the oven

Left over bake before it goes in the oven

Hi all, this is a good one if you have a curry or meat from the night before.

I cooked a beef curry and had meat and mostly sauce over. I chopped up potatoes and cooked so to shorten baking time in oven. I lined a casserole dish with the potatoes, then added cauliflower, bok choy, carrot, pumpkin, and then lined with more potatoes for the top layer, and finished off with cheese.

The vegetables are whatever you have in the fridge so don’t worry if you don’t have what I have added, just use what you have. This is a quick, filling and tasty meal.

I baked in the oven in 180 degree heat for about 40mins or less depending on when it is all cooked. Could be less or more. Remember the potatoes were cooked before to speed up cooking time in the oven. This is a great dish as it uses the sauce from the left overs or you could create a sauce or just use a packet that is at the supermarket.

Make sure to add cheese for the crunchy top and enjoy (I also add a bit of cheese on the bottom layer of the potatoes, this makes it spread nicely). Nice with crusty bread and a nice glass of red wine.

Hope this might help as an idea for dinner tonight.  Enjoy.

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