If Men Got Pregnant


I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant with one baby. I am on the home stretch, and getting very over being pregnant. As per some of my other posts I don’t love being pregnant but love the outcome; a lovely new person that will add joy to our lives and household.

I have been spending the last month or two wondering what this person will look like, what will they want to be and do with their lives, will they be blondes like the girls or have darker hair? Will it be a girl or a boy? So many things to wonder and daydream about.

Pregnant and over it!

Pregnant and over it!

Aside from the nice thoughts about this future little person I have not had fun. Many of the normal side effects of pregnancy I find horrible and hard to handle. See my list of complaints and annoyances below:

  • Nausea
  • Throwing up
  • Not able to eat things that you usually did due to reflux
  • Tiredness to the point of exhaustion. You cannot keep your eyes open and your whole body is zapped of energy.
  • Sore breasts
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Breathlessness
  • Constantly uncomfortable
  • Finding it hard to bend over at all
  • If things are on the floor they tend to stay there as getting them is difficult
  • Now the latest in a long list of complaints is sore and wobbly legs and horrible hip and pelvic pain.
  • Leg cramps at night that hurt and make it hard to sleep
  • Hips throbbing at night making it hard to get any rest at all

I have had conversations with hubby about how I am feeling and he said, “What did you expect? You have done this before so you knew what it would be like.” Well all I can say is that the constant leg, hip and pelvic pain did not occur with the twin pregnancy and it is getting worse. At times I find it hard to walk and that is just around the house!

This pregnancy is completely different than the twins. I did have the same symptoms early on and was very sick and freaked that I might be having twins again. If we did we would have been happy with that but all tests have confirmed one person is in there.

I wish hubby could experience all the things that have happened during this pregnancy to give him an idea of what it is like.

“If men were constantly nauseous, had issues walking and were in constant pain, I believe they would be in bed waiting for it all to end”

I don’t think hubby could cope and I am not saying this lightly. He is a tough man and soldier’s on when sick, however pregnancy throws you a multitude of symptoms at the same time. You think you are winning at times, but fighting nausea, reflux, headaches and constant pain in the legs and hips all at once does your head in!

What a pity you cannot wave your hands and have hubby experience a month or a week of what you are going through? Would you have liked to have done this? I know I would love to. Pity I don’t have magic powers.

Even getting up and out of the lounge is taking forever now… yes annoying really! So quickly going to do something is not quickly anymore…. It happens when it happens.

I know he cares and he is making sure all is well in the house to prepare for our new addition. He is actually nesting more than I am. He is stressing out trying to get the babies room ready and concerned that we are running out of time.

His main worry is that my belly will get too big to help move some things around or help out. My answer to this is to ask one of our mates to come move stuff if that happens (Which I think might be the case)

Have you found that the second or third pregnancy different from your first or others? Have you had some annoying symptoms that have made things harder for you to do things? I am still active and getting things done just a bit slower than usual.

What has your partner said or done that has helped or annoyed you? Let us know.



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