I Promise To Be Rock Star


Lillian was upset and asked daddy to not go to work tomorrow. He said he had to, so he could earn money for us to live, eat and to pay bills. He did mention that if she grew up to be a famous rock star and as well as her sister, then she can take care of him and he could stay home.

Lillian then said, “It’s a deal daddy!” She then went to tell Julia that they are going to be rock stars. Now I am feeling bad, will they feel pressured to be a rock star or something similar. It was a joke, but it could backfire on us. Only time will tell.

Have you mentioned something off the cuff and it has backfired on you with kids? What was it that happened? If it was like the rock star comment, did the child in question become a rock star, or if not a rock star whatever the comment was about? Send in your comments.

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  • trish van baast
    December 30, 2012

    I think saying that the Easter Bunny wouldn’t find us because we move around so much required much back peddling on my behalf. Then I compounded it by saying that only children get eggs anyway when they saw Mummy & Daddy get eggs I just kept digging the hole deeper!

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