Hello 2018


Today is the first day of the new year. It is finally the first of January 2018.

In six days my little boy will be two…yep we will have a two year old.  How those two years have flown by already. He is saying more words, being more independent and of course a very cheeky, funny little boy.

It feels like the day of my little boys birthday sneaks up on me and I am not ready. No invite done, no party organised. I will have to get moving….also make a plan to be better at this January party in 2019.

The girls turn ten this year, yes finally they will be in double digits and more grown up. I don’t know how ready I am for more grown up kids, I suppose it is good that it happens gradually so that you get used to it.

The blog also has a HUGE year in 2018, it turns the big 10 years old… how exciting I hear you say.

To celebrate this fabulous milestone there will be great prizes for my wonderful devoted readers that have been with me over the years. Stay tuned every month to not miss out.

What did I do in 2017

  • Change the look of the blog on the 1st of January 2017. The blog got a whole new look and feel.
  • Work with some great brands and offer amazing giveaways to my readers.
  • Meet some wonderful people through the Problogger conference. I met Pat Flynn and Jadah Sellner…. I was very excited about doing this.
  • Accepted more opportunity.
  • Think, plan and try and do more.
  • Spent time with the kids, played and had fun.
  • Alexander had his first full year in childcare and loved it after a rocky first few months. He now really wants to go even when we just drive by the place. He yells, “play” and points to the building.
  • Try to de-clutter. I managed to rid the house and us of a few things but more still needs to happen.
  • Did things at the twins school.
  • Housework and all the other mundane things that keep the family running.


2017 was not good as I lost another friend due to cancer. He did not want to share his illness so to not burden friends and therefore hubby and I found out very late. We are saddend by this news. I hope that everyone is healthy and if you are worried about something please get it looked at. Early intervention might save your life.  I have no idea if this would have helped my friend and upset for his other friends and family.


2017 was also a good year, my sister had her second child on the 23rd of December. I’m an aunty again! My sister had another little girl. She came early and therefore has spent some extra time in the hospital.


What would I like to do in 2018

  • More blogging.
  • Work on the strategy and plans for my blog and more.
  • Travel.
  • Meet more people.
  • Get our house built or part of it.
  • Finish writing my book and course…yes something exciting is on its way. I hope you will all love it.
  • Exercise more.
  • Remove excess clutter that I don’t need to empower more relaxation.
  • More meditation.
  • More relaxation.
  • Fun time with the kids and family
  • Hopefully a family holiday at some point.
  • That the family is healthy and well. (this includes everyone)
  • Be more organised for Alexander’s next birthday.



So take care everyone.

Spend time with the ones you love.

Make time for things you want to do.

Have fun and may 2018 be great for everyone!

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