Have They Been Good Enough?


Kids are super excited about Easter and the impending Easter Bunny.  I have organised surprises for the twins, however they are getting into mischief and acting up a lot lately, which brings me to my question. Have they been good enough?

Daddy told the girls that if they did not stop mucking around he will call Mr Easter Bunny and tell him not to come to our house. You can imagine the chaos this ended with. Yes, tears, screams and I hate you was uttered a few times! I must say in our defense the girls have been little terrors, but is it just due to being four years old? I think so, who knows.

When they are out of line they get into trouble and get the appropriate punishment, however I think it feels like it is happening more than usual lately. Do you have those times? It does feel like all I do is punish someone or send someone to time out. Maybe it is the pushing the envelope that is the issue?

They seem to be pulling up their socks a little bit when they realised how close Easter really is, not sure if it is the lure of the chocolates or if they are trying to be good for goods sake. They are generally very good kids and understand when they are wrong, however it is more sister related issues. Pinching, and being on top of each other is wearing rather thin.

Do you have twins or triplets? Do they hurt or annoy their siblings when they want to be alone or not share a toy? I know it is hard being with each other all the time. I do try and have them do separate things however most of the time they want to be together. I am exhausted due to organising and dealing with all the carry on.

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