Gift Idea: Frame Your Kids Drawings


My kids create so many drawings and some have been just wonderful (Pre-school has told them that if they don’t put their names on their art it gets put in the recycling, I have been told they are prolific creaters and of course the  quantity they create).  It is great to see the girl’s drawings looking like people and actual things that they are saying they have drawn.

For Father’s Day this year I thought why not frame some of the girl’s drawings. I did ask them to draw daddy and they were good enough to oblige.  This gift idea is not just for one event it could be for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day and as mentioned Father’s Day. So be creative and include your kids in the gift giving.

My artists work

My artists work

Having a nice framed art from the grandkids would be a lovely gift that is cost effective also. I got a deal with the frames. I think from memory I purchased 3 for $20 so a bargain. The paper we already had and of course the creative little artists had a myriad of pens, textas, and crayons to use for their art.

Once framed the drawings look amazing, it makes them looks great and important. One good idea is that if you don’t want to part with the drawings you can hang some on the wall and rotate the drawings. This is a nice way to showcase your kids art and proudly on the walls.

My creative little artists

My creative little artists

So why not give a unique gift that will not cost the earth. It is also nice to have the kids help with the pressie giving and creation.  Why not give it a go and see the smile on your relatives and friends faces when they receive the wonderful art from your little artists. Send in your comments.

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