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Today is Father’s Day. Today it was seven years ago I went off to hospital to have the twins. It was more like waiting a week to have them but it was on Father’s Day that it all happened. It makes me wonder when it will all happen with this baby? Will it be Christmas Day? New Year’s Day or will it be on time? Who knows. The only thing that has been happening is that whoever is in my belly is jumping around and is very active. I must have a trampoline in there?? It feels like that is the case at times.

The kids and I have secretly put all hubby’s surprises on his desk.

Father's Day Presents for Hubby

Father’s Day Presents for Hubby

Artwork to celebrate Father's Day

Artwork to celebrate Father’s Day

What did we get him you ask?

I decided to make him something as I did not see really anything that he could use or might want.  One of the girls who was with me picked out a special cookbook that came with cookie cutters.

Star Wars Cookbook that hubby got for Father's Day

Star Wars Cookbook that hubby got for Father’s Day

One of the girls helped me with picking something from the cookbook to make for daddy for Father’s Day. She picked Chewy Chocolate Cookies. We got all the ingredients and then made our big batch of cookies.  The reciepe made heaps of dough so I had heaps of cookies to make.


The kids are rather taken with Star Wars lately. They know many of the characters and like the action and the stories.

One child also purchased some Anzac Biscuits at the school Father’s Day shop. I think daddy will have plenty of snacks to eat and of course more to cook in his cookbook.

We are taking hubby out for lunch to celebrate Father’s Day. I have not booked anywhere so I hope we can get in. I did not think to make a reservation and just hope that we are lucky to get in for lunch where we like or at least somewhere else.

What are you doing for Father’s day? Did dad/hubby like their presents?


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