I Need to be A Contortionist


One kid has not been very well for the last few days. She slept in our bed last night and the night before for snuggles. I found it hard to sleep due to the snoring from said child and then getting pushed out of my own bed. I spent most of the night staring at the ceiling.

Sick child sleeping

Sick child sleeping

Sick child in your bed is cute for a bit, however when they snore in your ear, hit you when they turn over, stretch and make it hard for you to have any room in your own bed. It is not fun and due to you not getting any sleep and then having to contort your body into weird shapes and positions to just get some rest (maybe if I was a contortionist, I would not have had an issue with little space in the bed). I decided that I would move to the spare room to sleep as I was being pushed out and the sound in my ear was not going to create sleep.

I did understand that the child was not doing anything on purpose and it was good that she was resting. I don’t mind if a kid is sick and comes to our bed for cuddles and some extra attention. That is all fine… it just makes it harder for me to rest as well. Do you find that? I do like the cuddles and time together with one kid and helping them feel better.

Due to moving rooms I did get some sleep and was grateful for that. The unwell child is getting better so maybe she will sleep in her own bed tonight.

What happens when a child or both kids are unwell? Do they want to sleep with mummy/daddy? How do you handle it? We end up putting the child in the middle of the bed and we try and work around that.


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