The girls are not eating again. Well they do eat something, but not a lot and not as much as they once used to. It is worrying. They are very small and already underweight for their age.

However they are twins, born 6 weeks early, and were always going to be small.

I was hoping it might be a phase, the weather, or that they are not interested in the food. I have changed the food, given different types of food, treats, and other things. Nothing seems to work. As they are nearly 2 and half my husband wants to stop giving them milk.  However I feel that if they are not eating what else can I do. I have been giving them PolyJule in the milk and food to help. Also been adding liquid vitamins to their milk to help boost things.

We were seeing the nutrietiist at Katoomba Hosptial. I think we need to go back to get some things sorted out. The girls need to eat more. I give enough food, they just don’t eat it.

I have taken to looking at one of many of my cooking books for toddlers and babies for ideas. All of the things that I have done, well most of them have been met with shaking the head, and closing the mouth and the arm pushing it away from them.

Oh well. Will make an appointment with the specialist at the hosptial and to see what they suggest.   Does anyone else have this issue? I am doing all the right things and the girls are putting on weight, loosing weight, putting on weight, and loosing it. Very annoying and concerning.

Any thoughts on how to interest them in eating more would be appreciated.


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