Big girl beds are not good


Aftermath of baby powder

James, my husband decided to remove the rails and change the girls beds into big girl beds. Great in theory. Needed to happen eventually, I hear you say. Well, our room is off their room with doors that can easily open. This was all done on a very hot day, that was hard to rest as it was so hot. Most of Sydney was suffering another 40 degree day, even in Katoomba it was very hot and has been all week. Go away heatwave.

So about 3pm hit and the girls were tucked in their big girl beds for afternoon nap time. This did not happen. I did warn James that they will get out of their beds and be destructive. He did not listen. So when we decided that the noise was too much and they were definatley not going to sleep, we went to see what was going on. At about 6.30pm, we discovered that they both had trashed their room and ours. Oh the joy.  We discovered that they had trashed the room and emptied 4 baby powder bottles everywhere, in their room and ours. Also they both went through draws and removed, cuff links, watches, rings, and you can imagine. Still missing some cuff links. Hoping that they surface in the next few days.

Lillian covered in cream and a total mess

It was only last Friday the 31st of January that Lillian climbed up on the change table and Lillian was covered in moisturiser, what we call bum bum (Sudocream) cream and also the cornflour. It was all over her, the room, the change table, the curtains, the walls and everywhere. What a mess. Oh no, I don’t want to clean it up but have to. So that took ages and with no help. Luckily this happened on the weekend with the powder and I had James’ help.

We put them in bed at about 9pm finally as they were so all over the place. Then as we were watching television, I was sure that I heard the radio. We paused the show we were watching and found Lillian p

laying with the clock radio, and Julia getting up to no good as well on the other side of the room. Great, our way to secure their door was not working.

Finally got a way to make the door stay closed. Screaming, yelling and giggling. Now silence. Phew. They are asleep. I am wondering if they made it to their beds.

James has gone to bed at 11: 50pm and told me that as the door is a bit ajar he can see that one of the girls is on the floor sleeping. Thank goodness she thought to take her pillow and looks comfortable.

Interesting things that the girls were saying today, Lillian when we tucked her in before the second escape told me that ” I will not make a mess this time mummy.”
Told her that this was good and glad that she will not create a mess like last time.

While we were both cleaning up, Lillian and Julia wanted to play and have cuddles with us. Explained that we were busy tidying up there mess so we could not and it will have to wait. Lillian then told both of us that “I’m busy too” and then she left the room. Julia came back and told us she was very busy also. Very funny indeed.

Just crossing fingers that the girls get the hang of the big girl beds and don’t cause this much mischief during the week. I am hoping that they will just go to bed as they will be so tired. I am sure that is a wish of most parents.

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