Christmas Day Fun and Tastes


Our Christmas Day was rather relaxing. Normally we go to my families house for lunch and then in the late afternoon we go to hubby’s side for dinner. My family decided to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve so that meant we could be at one place on Christmas Day. It was very nice for a change. Also trying to fit two lunches, and a dinner in on one day is not wise and hard to do. I did like the fact that I could just eat one meal and not have to do it again at another house.

The kids and especially the baby were spoilt with gifts this year and as it was Alexander’s first Christmas this was I suppose appropriate. I did find that I was unwrapping all of the babies presents and I found that there were more boxes that were not opened. I checked the name and thought maybe they were for me… no they were for the baby. Oh well.

Before we did go to the relatives house the kids, hubby and I opened our presents. I was very lucky to get a Macbook Air laptop from hubby and the kids. I also got a coffee plunger and coffee. One of the girls decorated a plate for me and it even comes with a stand so that I can display it.

Plate decorated by Lillian. It is also sitting on my new laptop and case. What lovely presents I got this year.

Plate decorated by Lillian. It is also sitting on my new laptop and case. What lovely presents I got this year.

The kids got some LEGO, games, clothes, shoes and some other fun things. Hubby got some replacement Guinness glasses (I smashed the last one by accident. We purchased them when we were in Dublin on our honeymoon), I made sure hubby had Guinness that was cold so he could try out his new pint glasses, he also got some tea cups, and a lovely Santa shirt to celebrate Christmas Day with.

We were very lucky with our lovely presents and Santa also gave some thoughtful gifts. Santa gave me a notepad to help with my blogging in 2017. Thanks so much Santa.

Since I was so lucky to get a laptop I did not mind unwrapping multiple presents for my little boy.

Persian Fetta, Ham, Smoked Salmon and Mango were some of the things that our little boy liked to eat on Christmas Day. Of course our boy likes the expensive items.

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