Busy and tired weekend


This weekend was a busy one. Saturday was a day off without kids and Sunday was spent with family.

The girls on Saturday spent the day with Aunty Kay, my sister. She had never had them by herself before so thought it would be interesting. I knew she could do it, but thought it best to bring toys and supplies for kids to play with.  I packed puzzles, videos, crayons, pens, pencils and paper, their toy dogs, fairy wings and wands, and other things.  According to my sister they played with each item for about 5mins at the most. The girls had their toes and nails painted. Toes are now silver, and fingers are now dark pink. Very striking.  They had a good day, all three of them walked to a playground and had a good time. There was a moment that Julia was not sure on going behind a tree to do a wee (hard on the go without the potties), this was all fine once dry clothes were found in the bag I provided. According to Aunty Kay, Julia’s face was very shocked at the idea that there was no toilet.

While we were both away from kids we went for Yum Cha in Chinatown. However the first restaurant of choice, Golden Century did not have Yum Cha available that day. All very weird. We used to live around the corner and this place was always open on Saturday’s for Yum Cha. I wonder what the issue was. So we ended up at Emperor’s Garden and it was great aside from the salt and pepper squid, too well done and not enough spice.

After lunch we ended up at the Dendy at Circular Quay, we were there to see the 2:15pm session of Coriolanus, which I did not want to see. I thought it sounded terrible and had no interest in seeing it. I should in hindsight have seen My Week with Marilyn at the same time, he would go to Coriolanus and I would see My Week with Marilyn, however that did not happen. I went to the stupid film that he said was amazing and great, and I did not want to see. Two minutes or less into it I knew it was terrible, shit and just a horrible choice. It went for over 2 hours. I ended up falling asleep for part of the film and did not want to stay. It was slow, boring and I had no interest to see any of the characters live or get upset if they died. I was actually hoping that they all died so the film would end. Next time I will say if you really want to see that film, fine you go, I will see something I want to see. Now he owes me. Very annoyed for wasting our day off with a terrible film.

After the film ended, it took us over 30mins to exit the Opera House car park. Not sure why, however we think it had something to do with the fact that the lane that you exit onto is not devoted to exiting the car park and you have to merge with other traffic. Finally out of the car park, we were headed to Aunty Kay’s to pick up the girls. They looked so tired and as soon as they were in the car I thought they would be asleep. Not so, Lillian was upset that we leaving Aunty Kay and we would not see her soon. Lilly cried for a while and the only way to soothe her while driving was for me in the passenger seat to hold onto her foot until we ended up somewhere for dinner. It was too late to have dinner at home and we rather have them fed and sleepy so we just had to put them in bed.

Today, Sunday, was a good day. Cool here and the girls were looking forward to seeing their great aunts and grandma. We all met and had a nice long lunch together and the girls were very happy. Upon coming home there was so much traffic coming down the mountain we were relived that we were going up it and not getting that level of traffic. While we were out today the girls told us when they needed to go to the bathroom and were very good. No accidents. So impressed and pleased that this is happening.

On the whole the girls had great adventures, spent time with their Aunty and saw other family. It is strange that this whole weekend we have hardly been home. I think that I really need to spend some time sorting things out again for the week ahead. At least tomorrow the girls are in school and I will have some time. However, I have been slack with my university work and need to concentrate on that also.

What did you get up to this weekend? Were you busy? How did your child/kids go being with family while you go out without them? Is there any adventures that you can share?  The girls loved their time with their Aunty and it is a pity that we live so far away.   Send in your stores.

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  • Retmon
    July 13, 2012

    Completely agree with you Coriolanus sucks, I can tell the first in first 5 minutes ,, wasting time to watch this movie. I wish I could turn back time for that 1 hour I’ve watch that silly movie

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