A bit grumpy


Lunches are made and are in the fridge. Week 2 of pre-school starts tomorrow, yippee another 3 days off (not full days, just a school day) for me to get some things done and for my time out. I am really looking forward to it.

This weekend was busy for me. I was tasked with looking after the girls (Not like this is different from the status quo anyway) as James had to work on a presentation for his work.  It was very disappointing for me, as I like the fact that daddy is available on weekends to be with the girls and to help out.  I know it was work and it does not happen all the time so that is something to be grateful for.  However it got me thinking.  Why is it o.k. for the husband to lock himself away at the computer all weekend just due to a presentation for work? I mentioned that when I have urgent projects or things I need to do for university, I don’t get that amount of time to do any of my work. I have to do it all at night, not during the day when you are at your best.  I did mention this to James and it was met with I could always get an extension on an assignment if I need to. He cannot get an extension for a work presentation.

To top it off, Lillian was so unsettled Saturday night that she was screaming and crying and was a mess. I ended up taking her to bed with me, the girls call mummy and daddies bed the “big bed”. She snuggled up to me and wanted to hold my hand and cuddle me. She was so upset. James went in at first to calm her down. He thought that worked, but when he left she was hysterical. When I first came into her room she said there was a thing coming in the window for her. I told her that she was safe and all was o.k. probably did not help that there was a house down the road having a party and playing doof doof music. The beat was vibrating on the girl’s floor. I was just thankful that Julia slept and I only had to deal with one upset child at a time.

So Saturday night I did not sleep the best, as I had a little girl trying to snuggle into me, which was very nice and wonderful, however it makes you get in all sorts of different positions that cannot be good for your neck or back. Hoping that tonight I will have the bed to myself aside from James.   I was so tired after dealing with Lillian in the bed and getting up early for Julia. I organised breakfast for the kids and me, and after we were all fed, I told James that I was going back to bed. It was nice that was o.k, as I knew he was still doing his presentation. The girls played nicely with each other. They played in the backyard due to sunshine at the time, and watched Tangled, the new film about Rapunzel. The girls are so invloved in the story that Lillian was calling herself “Tangled” and Julia was calling herself “Gene”. I suppose this is a nice change from Fiona and Shrek. So I should not complain to loudly as it was nice to have that nap this morning as it was much needed.

James’ presentation is complete and I hope it will be a success on Monday.  The weather here has been crazy all weekend as per during the week. I took the girls swimming at Springwood on Saturday; it started out as a nice sunny day.  When we got in the car to drive to get lunch for everyone there were black clouds, and it poured down.  Today it did the same thing, however it was not blue skies, there was sun and clouds and it did the same thing. Thunderstorm this afternoon and now another one while I write this, thunder getting very loud and the lightening is like flash photography.

Does any mother/partner get annoyed when it seems like that when you ask for the same thing you don’t get it? I do not begrudge James getting his presentation done or letting him have the time to do it. I just feel that he could have come out with all of us for a little family time. He likes the job, and I like him having the job, plus he is good at it. However, I am not sure why you cannot spend some time with the family during the day and then get back to the presentation later in the day or work on it during the evening. It would tire out the kids and also then we could leave him alone to get his work finished.  I will use this to my advantage though, next time I have a major assignment, he can look after the girls all weekend.  I think that is fair, don’t you?

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