Mothers Are Not Doormats!


I’m not feeling the love today.

Or actually any other day for that matter.

Today is the day before Mother’s Day and it has been a shit show. In actual fact total crazy chaos at many points throughout the day.

I have had my head in my hands, been in tears and just lost for why my three offspring are acting like beasts. Yes, they are just plain horrible today, and unfortunately on many other occasions.

I am angry and annoyed at everyone’s horrible behaviour – could not find a picture of a mum but this conveys my feelings

I wonder what led to this. Is it me? I do hope not. I have tried so hard to instil order, tell them to be nice and explain that they need to help others. However, no matter how hard I try I am constantly saying:

  • “Just help others”
  • “Help please!”
  • “Do as you are told”
  • “Why is this still not done, I told you hours ago to pick this up”
  • “If you did it the first time it would be done now”
  • “If you actually tidied up it would be done and then you could do something for yourself. Instead, you decide to take a whole day and argue about everything and still do nothing.”

Some have said that the older two are just hormonal…well yes that might be the case but it is not an excuse for not helping and being downright horrible all the time. If I acted the way they are when I was the same age I wouldn’t have been let out of my room and of course not allowed dinner either.

As you can imagine I have had enough and at many points throughout the day I have had fantasies about having a shower, getting dressed and driving somewhere and just doing something for myself (Without telling them this is what I am doing). I do think that Mother’s Day might not be any better. I can hope but it brings me back to the main issue I have with being a mother:

You should not be celebrated and helped on one day alone. You need help and the niceness to be everyday of the year. People need to listen to you, help and assist, and be pleasant to boot. No arguing about having to pick something up from a messy room that is not yours!

I am not the servant.

I am not a slave.

I am a person that actually wants to do more with my life than to keep on telling people to help and what to do. I am sick of the arguments, fights and who does what and also why they cannot due to the fact that they did it before. Geez if this was only a reason for me to not help.

So according to my kids, I can get out of the following as I have done it all before and it is not my job!

  • Doing the laundry
  • Cleaning up the rooms
  • Folding and putting away the laundry
  • Cooking
  • Reminding people of events and things that are important
  • Shopping for food and other essentials
  • Buying gifts and posting them to people (as I am the one that does this for everyone in this family)
  • Caring for others – maybe someone else can step up while I have a good break
  • Probably loads more points but I cannot think of them at the moment – I will claim that due to me being an overworked mum I can name other points later.

In the current climate, I feel that if I say or do something it gets ignored. I tell someone to do something and it does not happen. I ask for help and it doesn’t happen.

God forbid I have a horrible accident and bleeding out and the kids argue whose turn it is to call the ambulance. I think I would die on my floor if that was the case.

The girls told me one of their friend’s mums just left for a four-day camping trip during the last school holidays. They told me that this mum hadn’t told the kid that they were going on holiday alone, however, I would think that this woman told her partner and all was good. She decided she needed a break alone and went for it. Maybe I need to do this.

I am thinking of declining any family-forced outing tomorrow and would love to take off and do my own thing for Mother’s Day. I need to get some jeans and a nice trip to the shops, a quiet lunch on my own would be rather relaxing.

Are you feeling the same way about Mother’s Day? Or are you just wanting people to stop ignoring you and appreciate you and what you do for them? I believe that some ignoring others and not giving others what they want might wake them up to their silly behaviour. I am exhausted and so over the rudeness.

Oh, and one thing that fucking annoyed me so much was the fact that one of the oldest cannot hang out the clothes properly. She just dumped clothes and other items on the line without opening them up, so shirts were folded over themselves with sleeves still inside the shirt, also jumpers were folded over and just lumped on the line, expecting them to dry was just ridiculous! I ended up redoing it all. You would think they would get it by now, I have told them over a million times. I believe they are doing this on purpose so they don’t have to help! Why can’t they do anything I ask???? Also, why is it a shit job that needs to be redone so, in reality, there is no point asking for help in the first place!

What about you? I think booking that holiday alone is a good idea. I will look into this as a priority. Now, where to go that will not cost the earth is the next question.

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