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2015 is my year to focus on me and changes for the better.

I had grand plans:

  • Get fit.
  • Get toned.
  • Eat well, or at least healthier and cut down on my portion sizes.

Have you still kept up your goal from Jan 1st 2015 to be a fitter and healthier version of you? I’m sending you a big virtual hug for all those that manage to keep going with a busy and hectic schedule.

Yes I have tried but as mother to two active and on the go kids, plus doing everything else a mum orta do I don’t end up fitting in exercise. Does this sound like what happens with you?

I don’t know how you end up feeling if you neglect the exercise, but if I end up missing out I get annoyed, frustrated and a little crabby that I did not manage to fit it all in. Silly really but that little bit of time for me that allows my body to unwind, stretch and relax does make a massive difference in my day and mood. It also allows me to feel better and therefore be happier.



So how can this be fixed?

Just doing 20 minutes of exercise a day. It can be in the morning before kids get up. While they are at school, or sleeping.


I was approached by the lovely ladies at Body Beyond Birth , Becky and Jackie. To trial their 12 week program. I of course would love to be fitter and healthier so I was happy and delighted to trial their amazing program.

The program is aimed at busy mums. Becky and Jackie have wonderful instruction videos that are Pilates based and help tone your core and pelvic floor (Yes we need to remember to exercise this area!) Yoga videos are available to watch also as well as meditation

The recipe pages are divine, look yummy and are good for you! They have recipe’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The site also has great print outs of what are actual portion sizes and other great nutritional info that is a good read.

Breakfast Smoothie from Body Beyond Birth

Breakfast Smoothie from Body Beyond Birth

What are my thoughts so far?

  • I only joined last Tuesday. I have done my first week. I love the exercises as they make me feel taller. The stretching and toning the core is exactly what I need. I need to focus on my back and stomach to ensure I don’t get more back aches and of course take care of my pelvic floor.
  • The week one exercise video was good and all about form and control of the exercise.
  • Week two’s exercise video was great as it is progressing with some holding techniques and allowing me to stretch and work other areas of my core, stomach and back.
  • When I first signed up, I did not know where to place myself. You can put yourself as a beginner (stage 1), Someone who exercises a bit (stage 2), or someone who is full on and wants to push the limits (stage 3). I chose stage 2 and this seems right for me. However during my phone conversation with Jackie she said that if you are at the wrong stage and the plan is too easy or too hard they can move you to the most appropriate level for you. Jackie said, “I want for people to be happy with the exercises they are doing. We don’t want to have it too hard for some people or too easy. We are happy to fix this for a client if needed”
  • I love the fact that you can take this exercise program anywhere. All you need is an iPad or Tablet device and you can do your 20mins of exercise.
  • The exercise videos from all weeks are available to access during the program. If you would like to redo week 1’s exercise video you can and then progress to the week 2’s or other weeks depending on what you would like to do.
Yoga with Zoe, from Body Beyond Birth

Yoga with Zoe, from Body Beyond Birth


I will be sharing my outcomes on the blog each week. So please stop by and see how I’m going. I should have done the my measurements but have not so will do that soon (I will not be sharing but would like to know if the program has helped and made a difference)

Please feel free to drop by Body Beyond Birth to check out their fab site and see if you would like to do their 12 week program as well. Or you can just do their 7 day trial to see if you like it.  Give it a go or drop them a line.


Do you find since kids it is a struggle to fit in exercise? Let us know what you do to make sure you fit it in.


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