You Cannot Call Me That!

Kids at school. Image courtesy of Vlado at

Kids at school. Image courtesy of Vlado at

Last week some of the boys in the girls reading group were being silly and not nice to one of my girls. She then said very loudly, “My name is Lillian, not Lilly to YOU!” “You Can call me Lillian, Not Lilly!”

Wow! I have never heard her speak like this! The comments must have annoyed her no end and decided they are not allowed to call her Lilly as a punishment.

Sometimes people shorten my name but only people I know very well do. Others generally call me my full name. Do you do the same? I find it is a familiarity and something that friends do over time, shorten your name.

This order from Lillian to address her by her full name took the boys by surprise. They then said that they always call her Lilly not Lillian. She had nothing to do with the mutterings and insisted that she be called by her full name.

I told hubby and he said that she must have been very angry to have said this to the boys. I wonder if this is still the case at the school. Are the boys still having to refer to her by the full name?

What has your child or children said in anger or annoyance that you thought was funny or interesting? Let us know.

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