Wow slippery dip mummy and daddy


Today we all went to the park to play. The girls wanted to walk there, we are lucky that there is a park around the corner from the house.  Julia and Lillian were so excited to be going to the park, they could not stop talking about the swings, slippery dip and other things.

The weather is rather overcast but when we were at the park it was nice and sunny, so glad that we were able to make use of the sun while we had a chance. It is hard to entertain kids with constant wet weather and having a small house does not help.

The girls were drawn to the biggest slippery dip there and decided that they would play on that. However to get to the slippery dip you have climb on chains to get to the steps and then the top of the slippery dip. James my husband and I had to lift them up as they did not get the hang of climbing on the chains and would fall through the holes. Julia did very well to a point but still had to be lifted up.

Julia ended up on the swing that has the safety chain around the waist and was going to put Lillian on my lap and hold her to have her swing as well. She had a meltdown as she thought that she would be able to sit on the swing by herself. Although it is great that she wants to do these things, it is not possible as she is still so little and we needed to wait till Julia had finished her turn on the swing.  Another girl wanted to play on this one that Lillian wanted and as we were not using it thought why not. After the girl got on it, Lillian started to point and to scream “My swing!!!!”

Finally Julia was off the swing and it was Lillian’s turn. Julia was a mess as she really did not want to give away the swing for her sister to have a go. When asked if she wanted to give Lillian a go, she calmly said “No”. Oh well she did not get a choice.

While Lillian was on the swing she commented that wind was on her hair and face and then she said that wind on my legs. She kept on asking Daddy to push her higher and higher. Julia also got very high and loved it. Both the girls are danger children that like the rush of the wind and speed.

I think if we ever get a swing set or slippery dip in the backyard it will be very hard to keep them out of it. Both girls seem obssessed with slippery dips. I cannot drive past a park and not have them scream that there was a slippery dip there and we should go and have a play.

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