World Compliment Day

Give Someone a Compliment on World Compliment Day
Give someone a compliment today

1st of March is World Compliment Day.

The day was created by Hans Poortvliet from the Netherlands. The day was very successful in the Netherlands and in the early 2000’s Poortvliet wanted to take Compliment Day worldwide.

“Mr. Poortvliet urges the compliments and notes of appreciation be in words only, not in gifts. This means that anyone and everyone can afford to take part, because the only thing it costs is a little bit of intention. Unlike commercialized days, this one is completely free and can fit into any budget. ”

Giving people compliments makes people happy, and it a nice thing to do to show your appreciation.

How can you get involved with World Compliment Day

  1. Give compliments to your family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. Think Kindness have a list of 100 compliments that will help you to spread some wonderful kindness and of course make someone’s day.
  2. Thank people who help you – If you go to a local café make sure to thank the barista that makes your coffee and the staff for the yummy food, the taxi/uber driver. Staff who get wonderful compliments will be very appreciative and of course it is nice to tell someone what a good job they are doing.
  3. Thank people in education, medical professionals and others you come into contact with and offer them a good feel good compliment too.

“You are doing such a good job at school”

I will give you all a fabulous compliment.

“You’re AMAZING and doing an AWESOME job! “

Have a wonderful day and I hope that you get some awesome compliments.

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