When will it all end?


Lately there has been one drama after another. Well maybe not a drama but something that is not good.

It all started when Lillian broke her wrist.

Days after Lillian hurt herself my right eye flared up. It was inflamed and looked horrible. Picture a violent red eye that was puffed up and weeping. Yes, I was a picture of glamour.

I woke at 3am on Friday after Lillian hurt her arm and realised my eye was all puffy, weeping and inflamed. In fact, my whole right eye seemed sealed shut. Not good, not good at all!

I took an antihistamine tablet and hoped that it would help my eye go back to normal. Sometimes I have an allergic reaction and my eyeball looks like it is falling out of my face, again not an attractive look.

Unfortunately, it did not work.

Me with my very sore eye. It was horrible and painful. I really just wanted to sleep.

Me with my very sore eye. It was horrible and painful. I really just wanted to sleep.

Due to the antihistamine tablet not working I thought I might have conjunctivitis. I went off to the doctor and had all the relevant checks, it was determined that it was bacterial conjunctivitis and I was recommended to get Chlorsig drops to make it all go away.

Now this first doctors visit was on a Friday. I woke up on Saturday my eye was even worse! It was horrible and just a nightmare to say the least.

I tried to go to the local doctors but no one could see me. I ended up at the hospital to get another doctor to check my very sick and sore eye. This doctor decided it was viral conjunctivitis and not bacterial so therefore the Chlorsig drops were not working. The doctor from the hospital recommended some natural tears and other drops from the chemist.

Now armed with my new drops I used them all weekend but come Monday my eye was even worse than the before. Nothing I was doing or was recommended to do use was helping!

Off to yet another doctor I went on Monday morning. This doctor said there was nothing I can do and it will just go away. Geez what a waste of time it was seeing this person! My eye was sore, inflamed, puffy, violently red and constant weeping clear fluid like tears. It was horrible! I was starting to look like someone with a horrible disease.

I then spoke to my sister who told me it sounded like allergic conjunctivitis. I had no idea that you could get allergic conjunctivitis. My sister told me that she took a antihistamine called, “Zaditen” and it solves her issue when it happens to her eyes. I raced out to get some Zaditen drops. I managed to get a pack of the sterile single dose units. The drops were not available due to the manufacturer not having stock available. How annoying I thought, but was thankful that I could get some even though the single dose units were more expensive. I just wanted to fix my very sore eye and at this stage the cost was not the issue, I just hoped that it will fix my eye.

The Zaditen drops helped a bit but my eye still felt very sore and not well. Every time I bent over it throbbed. It also felt like there was something in it although there was nothing.

I decided to use one of my free days without kids to find the underlying cause of my eye problem. I made an appointment to see the local optometrist and they decided that there was something wrong. The optometrist thought it could be blepharitis and this would mean that I would need to see an eye specialist. The specialist is the only person that can prescribe the medicine I would need.

Since I did not have an appointment at the eye specialist that day (Now Tuesday) I just had to sit and wait to get seen. This was very annoying as I had to have my eyes dilated and therefore could not see and it meant that I could not use my laptop or phone for work while I waited. It felt annoying to lose a day without kids waiting at the doctors but I was pleased that I might figure out why my eye was so sick and sore.

Finally, I saw the eye specialist and this is a doctor that I have seen before on other occasions. He took one look at my eye and told me that I had a mild case of Iritis. Oh no not Iritis again.

I had a bad case of this when I was studying for my post graduate degree online. I could not see well due to the drops given to me, plus I was in a lot of pain and light made it worse. Reading things online and dealing with horrible headaches and doing work from degree was extremely hard at this time. I was grateful that this time it was a mild case but it did make me angry that all three doctors that I saw could not tell me this. I know that they are not really specialists with eyes and that might be why, although it still annoys me.

My eye specialist told me to take a steroid eye drop and that has helped. I go back for a check-up next week and hope that it is getting better. It feels a little better although I ran out of the drops and had to get more. I ended up having a few days break with the drops so I hope that this does not cause an issue.

During this whole issue with my right eye I ended up getting something in my left eye… yes more annoying. It apparently was something that stems from a virus only kids get and therefore I got it too! Delightful!

As I write this the left eye is cleared of anything horrible, and the right eye feels better than it has been for a long time.

While Lillian was in pain and suffering with her cast, I was suffering with my eye issues, and the baby has been teething for the last five or so weeks. Alexander has been getting his molars and the last 2-3 weeks have been hell.

My very tired boy at hospital the other night. He was not very well here and just in pain and exhausted.

My very tired boy at hospital the other night. He was not very well here and just in pain and exhausted.

On closer inspection, I have also realised that Alex is getting more teeth plus the molars, he sounds like he was about to lose his voice and had a terrible cough like he has gunk on the back of his throat. He sounded sick. He really was not well at all. I thought that once his teeth broke through the gum all might settle. However, it never happened, he seemed to be getting worse.

He has been in so much pain that he has been trying to smash is face into the floor and hit himself with his hands or any object that is close by. He was a mess. He was not happy and screaming the place down.

I have been keeping up the pain medicine to help him out but whatever I gave him never seemed enough. I gave him Nurofen and then would give him Panadol to keep him happy. I made sure to keep alternating to ensure that he was as pain free as possible but to overdose him either. Hours after I gave Alexander painkillers he would scream, cry, and start hitting his head on the floor. Oh gosh! What to do???

I tried to cuddle him, he wriggled and wriggled and screamed at me.

I put him on the floor to explore and he just laid there and screamed at me.

One day that he did this I decided he looked so tired that he needed to rest. I got him ready for bed, put him in his cot and soothed him the best I could do. I said good night to him and walked out of the room hoping that soon he would go to sleep. However, he worked himself up and he threw up all over his bed and clothes.  I cleaned him up, gave the bed fresh sheets and I also needed new clothes to. I even gave him a bath to make him feel better.

He fell asleep while I was cuddling him, I thought that the best place for him to rest was his bed. I put him in his cot and quietly walked out. About an hour or so later I heard screams and crying. I raced in to see what was up. Alexander had thrown up all over his sheets again!

I then tidied up the bed, the baby, gave him yet another bath and got myself new clothes again too. Gosh not good. My poor little boy was very sick.

I took him to the doctors on Monday the 13th March. The doctor we saw said that there was nothing wrong and it was just teething. This doctor said to just keep him hydrated and give him painkillers and all should be good. I asked about the fact that he sounds horse and will lose his voice? What about the throwing up? How about the coughing? I asked if it was a chest or ear infection? Again, I was told no, and that it was just teething.

Alexander was not eating much but I put this down to his sore mouth and getting new teeth. He was completely off his food on Wednesday the 15th of March and threw up again. He refused water, formula, and food all day! I decided to take him to the hospital for a second opinion.

Not only was no painkiller helping, he was now not eating or drinking and was screaming the place down and trying to smash his face due to the pain. I was at a loss of what to do help him.

The nice doctor and team at the hospital saw to us very quickly. The doctor concluded that he had bronchitis. He did think it was viral but gave him some steroids for the chest and lungs and some antibiotics to see if he responded while we were at emergency. He looked better after the medicine and the paediatric doctor that was not on call suggested that a blood test would confirm if antibiotics were needed for more treatment.

When the doctor came to talk to me about a blood test for our little boy he was asleep.

Alexander has had days and days of not sleeping and just screaming, so I really did not want to wake him. He looked so peaceful and I was happy that he was finally sleeping.

The doctor told me that they would need to put a cannula in his hand to get blood so the doctors could test. This doctor then said that it would be very traumatic for the baby and he would need to be wrapped up and held in order to not have him move when they attempt to get blood. Geez this would be horrible.

I would have loved to get the blood test to confirm if something was indeed wrong or not. However, the doctor and I thought it would upset him too much. At this stage, all his vital tests were coming back normal. The doctor said that he was going to give me a script for antibiotics regardless, so I thought it best not to put Alexander through the stress of trying to get blood out of him.

In the end, I chose to leave the hospital after Alexander woke up. I did not get the blood test due to the torture it would cause my little man. I filled the script for the steroids and antibiotics and our little boy now finally seems to be on the mend.

Yesterday, the 18th of March he finally ate something. Yes, he was refusing to eat or to really drink his formula. He was having some water but not much. He ate some mushed up Weet-Bix with some milk. Today the 19th of March he ate some more Weet-Bix as well.

Alexander’s appetite seems to be back. He is still in a bit of pain but is happier and his cheeky self is back.

As you can imagine having a kid who is in pain due to a broken wrist, you’re in pain due to a very sore eye, a personal health scare (Don’t worry all is fine and more on the blog later), and then a sick baby who is screaming all the time has not been fun at all.

I would just love it all to stop and to have some time where no one is sick, I don’t need to go to the doctors or deal with screaming or upset anyone. It will be nice when Alexander can go back to childcare and then I can have some time again for me.

Can I just go somewhere with room service? Maybe a lovely island resort would do the trick.

I think my eye was sore and got worse due to stress. I have read online that anti-inflammatory foods can help, therefore I have made sure my diet has a lot of these, such as olive oil, nuts like almonds, fruits like strawberries, blueberries and oranges.

I know everything on the whole was okay and would be fine, however it felt horrible. Dealing with it all mostly by myself was annoying, exhausting, stressful and hard. It would have been wonderful to hand the kids or other responsibilities to hubby or someone that could help and I would be able to just have a break.

Have you had a time where everything seems like it is going wrong?

Have you felt like it is never ending? I do and at times it felt like it was never going to get better.

Alexander has been eating more, drank more and seems like he is happy. He is his old self again. It is nice to see and I’m grateful that he is not screaming at me constantly and is getting better.

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