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It was a big day for us girls on Wednesday. Off to an indoor play centre and then in the evening to a board meeting, at the girls past child care centre. The decision to go to an indoor play centre was made easy by torrential rain that would not ease, and of course kids that wanted to run wild. However mummy just wanted to go back to bed. This relaxing in bed was never going to happen, so why not take them somewhere to exhaust the little monkeys.

Before we even got out the door, the girls had already done many pages of collage; drawing and I had painted their faces with face paint, a gift from grandma. I must say that face painters are safe as my skills are terrible in this area, but the girls were happy with the results, so glad that they did not know any better.

Isn’t it always the way, when you want to leave the house, or get out of the car, it rains heavier than before and seems to get worse and worse. We stayed in the car for a bit to see if it would get better, but no luck. Then I realised we could not stay in the car for a long, due to the girls eventually saying, “I need to go to the toilet mummy.” With this thought, I decided we just needed to run for it.  All three of us made it, although soaked and now a bit colder than we were before.

The girls were very pleased to be at the play area, and I packed a lunch so it makes it easy (and cheaper). While we are there, they can eat and then have a rest when we get home. Julia and Lillian spotted a friend from pre-school and all of them were excited. Great, they have a friend to play with. So from then on they were running and playing with their girlfriend. This means mummy can just have a cuppa tea without having to entertain kids; yippee!

The only problem arises at this place is when you have to leave. When you announce to your child/children that you have to go/to pack up/put shoes on, they run away and cannot be found. You end up giving extra time, and then eventually resorting to evil mummy tactics. Grabbing one child and then getting them organised and holding them until you get the other, if it fails. I let them know that if they behave badly, we will never come back. This usually results in, “Oh, oaky mummy” and “oaky” and mean looks at me.

Upon exiting the indoor play area, the rain was still as heavy as when we came in. If anything it seems like it had gotten heavier and worse. A kind lady on the counter minded the girls, while I went to get the car. This helped as it would have been difficult with two kids in the rain.

We went home to rest before our next outing, which was to the girls ex child care centre. They used to go there for two years, but now they go to pre-school. I am still on the board at the centre and went for the regular meeting. The girls get minded by some ladies who work at the centre, and the kids love it, as they get to see their old teachers/carers/friends that go to the centre. They get fed so all I have to do is give them some milk and it is off to bed. Upon leaving it was still pouring with rain, we finally made it home tired and wet.

What do you do when it is pouring with rain, and it does not stop? Do your kids run amok, or do they like being inside doing puzzles, drawing or other tasks? Mine love to go outside and seem to feel couped up if the rain lasts for too long. Not a good thing in a small house with bad weather. Send in your comments.

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