Weird things you hear yourself saying


Being a mother you catch yourself saying the strangest things, some that come to mind are:

  • “Let me smell your bum”
  • “When you pretend to be crocodiles don’t bite your sister”
  • “Don’t lick your feet”
  • “Don’t lick people’s faces”

Before being a mother, I must say that I would never say the above, and if I did, it would be a very strange and rare event. If it did occur, it might have been after a big night out and something silly might have gone on.  But now, it seems it is all oaky to have these conversations with your kids and partner.

One strange thing that the kids have said to me recently was:

  • “Sorry I spilled my wee wee” – This was at playgroup; they were emptying their potties into the big toilet.
  • They do say all sorts of other weird and wonderful things, however I cannot think of any. When I do I will add to this post.

On Circle of Mums website there are posts from other mothers, sharing the strange things that you have said to your child. My favourite from this site is: “Why is the dog walking around with a maxi pad on her back?”  Both my husband and I were in fits of laughter after I read this one aloud, it gives you a great picture of the poor dog, the kids and the annoyed mother.

Do you catch yourself saying some strange things since you have had a child? Do you find that it is considered normal now? Send in the strange things that you have said. Remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog.

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