University has started for 2012


I logged onto the university website last night to discover the course content was all there.  This now means that I need to start downloading, reading and researching to make sure that I stay on top of it all. After reading the course outline and skimming all the lectures to get an overview, I think this course is going to be very intense. Formulas, theories, matrixes, and much more that will take some doing to remember.

I have also noted that there appears to be an exam at the end of the course, 2 hours to be precise. Did not realise there was one and as I am an online student will have to travel to campus to do this exam if we have one – have enquired to the lecturer to confirm if we do have one as in some literature it says no and some says yes. I have also asked if there are other areas where I might do this exam rather than travelling into the campus in the city. No answer yet, but only asked late last night.

In case you all did not know, I am nearly finished a masters in project management, I have 3 subjects left to do. This semester I am studying: Project Process Planning and Control. I am rather worried that I will not do well, however this worry is not taken seriously. Every semester I have the same freak out. I will not do well, I will just pass, I might fail, and some other scary thoughts. However at the end of the semester I get a distinction and no one finds that wonderful due to fact that it keeps on happening.

I think the family and friends would be more shocked if I passed, however getting good marks is now an expected outcome (which I think is just strange, but nice). I would like to maintain my good grades as I feel that would help in employment and roles in the long term also will impress people; however I am not great at formulas, calculations or things of that nature. So I think this semester I have to concentrate on reading more, understanding the formulas and theories that are important and seeing if I can recall them.   If asked in an exam about a formula or theory I am afraid I might mix it all up and not get it right, or reference the wrong one.  I find it hard when there are so many to choose from. Why is it that a course does not tell you what are the standards and we can just learn the core, and if you want you can cite extra examples if you wish.

So as long as I pass that is fine with me. After this subject I just have 2 more to do, and as I am doing 1 subject a semester, my last subject is next year, first semester of 2013. Graduation will be in November of 2013 and I am looking forward to it so much. However to graduate you have to get through the subjects this year. Wish me luck, lecturers start on Monday the 5th of March and it is all done via Skype. I have to hope that I have kids in bed by this time or it is not going to work.

Are you studying? Is it something that is a passion or for a work related role?  If you have kids how are you fitting it all in? I try and do most of it in the evening and now kids are at school that will help also.

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