Unboxing My HelloFresh Meal Box


I’m a busy person, and that is not unique. I am a mother to 3 kids and work full time. I am sure that many of you are flat out and one thing that is always on your to-do list is dinner. 

My big box of HelloFresh goodies – Keen to get started with my meals from HelloFresh

It is always nice to have things organised for you and the shopping and organisation to get dinner sorted is a time saver.

You can imagine my excitement to get my HelloFresh box filled with fresh food and everything I need to cook meals for the week. It is a pity that inside the box is not a chef and a housekeeper to help but I am happy with a simple meal box I can cook. 

I was very excited to open my HelloFresh Meal Box – HelloFresh will make cooking easier. 

One amazing thing that this box from HelloFresh does is I don’t have to go to the supermarket to get it all sorted, it is done for me. Winning already, don’t you think?

Finding out all the deals and information inside my HelloFresh Meal box

What did I get delivered by HelloFresh?

I picked a box with 5 meals for 4 people and made sure to select the option for family-friendly meals.

My box arrived early Sunday morning and we were keen to get stuck in and try out the meals that HelloFresh provided.  I promptly opened the box and discovered some information from HelloFresh, recipe cards and of course, the fresh food was quickly added to the fridge.

All the ingredients in my HelloFresh meal box

Next post: Stay tuned for part 2 and learn about all the meals we cooked with HelloFresh

The kids and I cannot wait to get to cook with HelloFresh.

If you are wanting to give HelloFresh a go
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