Ultrasound to check fluid


I was very worried that James my husband would not be with me when I got taken to get my ultrasound. No one could give me a time. However I was lucky to have a nurse let me know a possible time frame. This was good as I then told James to come and then we could wait for the nurse to take me to get the ultrasound. I could not walk there, I had to have a wheelchair and a nurse take me and James.

We were getting quite concerned as the orginal hosptial that we were meant to thave the babies in worried us and told us we needed to check to see if they are o.k.  The doctors at Neapean seemed concerned but not overly and were not putting any rushes on things.  Finally we were at the right place and waited our turn. A lady came out to greet us and then took us into a room where the ultrasound machine was.

I was lying down and found it hard to see the screen as my head was facing the other way. Neapen did not have large screens so that the pregnant woman can see too, very annoying. While she was looking, she paid attention to their fluid levels, but mostly with twin a as that was the child that had the waters breaking. She also looked at their height, and weight.

It was not long after that we ended up back in my room and later that afternoon a visit from a doctor that I saw once on Sunday night and another doctor I had never seen before. The doctor that I had met on Sundy said that they were good sizes and the doctor that I had not met said that there is something, and we said yes… thinking it was bad. He then said, “They do have very small heads”. I said that their weight is fine, though. Both doctors agreed. I was not fussed or concerned about head size as this would be a bonus to have small heads, why would want a big head that you then have push out of you.  I asked if the fluid was o.k and they said that the levels that they have are fine.

I was happy that and quite pleased that they were small but good weights.  I was doing the count down to when I could stop taking the pill not to have the babies.  Wednesday night is the end of the 33rd week and Thursday is the start of the 34th week. When the nurse came to give me the drug on Tuesday I mentioned that I wanted to check when they had me listed to stop taking it. She had no idea. I then said that I should not be on this drug on Thursday and as it was Tuesday, Wednesday is the last day, Yes. It will finally happen. The babies will be coming, I was so scared but knew this needed to happen.

The nurse came back and then happily told me that my last drug for not having babies was 12 midnight Wednesday night. I then told her that is the same as Thursday morning, and I would not be taking any of these pills on Thursday as it was the start of the 34th week. She did not get this. I then asked her to go speak with a doctor and make my last pill on Wednesday. Finally after what felt like ages, she came back saying that the doctor has finally written in my file that my last pill to not have babies would be 10pm Wednesday night. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last getting off these annoying tablets.

So stay tuned for the Start of the 34th week

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