Top 5 Tips to Get Kids Bedroom Window Fixed

The broken window

The broken window

The window in the girl’s room had a big crack in it. Hubby moved some furniture and the window got knocked and then caused a big crack. Not good. This then led to a huge crack. The girls for some strange reason put a rock in the bit where the glass slides shut. This of course made it even hard to open and shut, not sure why the kids thought this was a good idea.

We then discovered that the there was a hole in the big crack and the kids had taken it out and put the missing piece of glass in the hallway. Not good, not good at all!

Fixing this window is essential. Not only was it dangerous, cold air was getting in and it was not safe having a window with holes in it. It really was like a written invitation to enter the house.

So I booked someone to come and fix it and they were great. The man turned up exactly on time and was so quick doing it. I was most impressed.

My Top 5 tips to make it easier, faster to a new window:

  1. Book with reliable person or brand. This way you know that the work and quality is there. We booked in with O’Brien’s and they were great. The man who installed the new window even put in a thicker glass due to the fact it was a kids room.
  2. Make sure the room is tidy and the path to the window is clear. Nothing worse than having to climb over things to get to the window. You don’t want toys or loved things broken, best to make sure they are out of the way
  3.  Keep kids out of the room or at the very least out of the way of the person fixing the window.
  4. Find something for kids to do, watch a film, play in the backyard, and visit a mate or friends next door. You could even spend time doing a puzzle on the floor with them. Anything to keep them away from the glass.
  5. Make sure to clean up after the tradie has fixed the window. You don’t want to have stray pieces of glass in the kids room.


My girls made themselves busy visiting next door, we also watched the man from O’Brien’s put the glass in, I played games with the twins in the living room and then put on a film.

We now have a fixed window in the kid’s room and no worry of it being unsafe, dangerous or anything else. Have you had to get a window or something fixed in your children’s room? Did you find it hard when they were around? Or did you plan it well and do it while they were at school? Send in your comments.

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