Tips to Stay Creative


Do you have great bursts of creativity? I do. I also find myself having great lulls. Yes a creative dead zone does happen and can be hard to snap out of. How do you snap out of dead zone..??? What do you do? The below list has some great tips to keep the creativity happening.

My one big thing that I need to do is to WRITE DOWN MY GREAT IDEAS! Yes I never remember them or only part of it. You would have thought I would have learnt by now! What do you do that is annoying and you know you shouldn’t?

29 Tips to stay creative. Image found on Pinterest.

29 Tips to stay creative. Image found on Pinterest.

Another good tip on this list is to get away from the computer and technology. Time out in nature or a change of scenery is always helpful, it works for me. This makes me see things in a different light or from a different perspective. Talking to others and meeting new people is helpful for this also.

Send in your tips that help you maintain your creativity. We can all benefit from what works for you.

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