Ticket Frustration: The Elusive Taylor Swift Experience


I spent Wednesday and Friday this week trying to get Taylor Swift tickets. And yes I am one of many that never got the chance to get to purchase anything at all.

My girls were so excited that Tay Tay was coming to Australia. They were desperate to see her or just be at the concert in any capacity at all.

I knew that everyone would be wanting to go and the competition for tickets would be fierce but never thought it would be this bad that you wouldn’t even be let in for a chance to purchase by Ticketek.

I made sure I had all passwords, code for presale and credit card ready. I logged in early to be in the queue or so I thought and then spent hours and hours not getting through to get tickets.

The page kept on saying don’t refresh or leave the lounge. I heard that others just got on and instantly got tickets. Why can’t I get tickets? When will I be let in and when is it my turn to buy tickets? You would have thought after hours of waiting it would be my turn at some point. But no, my turn never came.

I do know that not everyone can get tickets to a concert. However, if you are on a system and it says that you be let in soon you should be after waiting for ages and ages.

I had many browsers open on different computers as well as on my mobile. Please forgive the breakfast bowl as I was fearful of leaving my desk in case I did get in to get tickets. Also doing work too at the same time.

I have since learned that the system is random and wasn’t letting the next person into the queue. I thought that this was frustrating and made me so angry. If it is indeed random then I can close my browser windows and just cross my fingers that I might be that lucky person to get tickets next.

A few times, I tried to just open new windows and close others as I have not progressed and nothing is happening. Still nothing. No progress. Still in the horrible wait with the line going across the screen brainwashing me to stay although my actions and the actions of the page are not changing. It was maddening. It was crazy and it all resulted in a very upset and stressed-out mummy.

How can you have a system that is completely random and then tell people to stay in the queue, have codes for presale and more to show that you will at some stage be let into the magical area to buy tickets.

I was magically let in at some stage on my mobile on Wednesday during the presale, however, there were no boxes to drop down to enter any info. No area to enter my presale code and therefore I couldn’t progress. If this was different I would have indeed purchased tickets and our outcome would be different. But this was not the case. I couldn’t see what to do and tapped every part of the screen and changed the view. Was it a different capability for mobile users compared to desktop?

FFS really I get to purchase and then cannot do anything! Of course, that happens.

Friday was no different, I thought I would try different browsers and open browsers at different times to see if I can indeed be one of the random lucky people getting tickets, but this was not to be. I was finally let in after 6 plus hours to find that I couldn’t purchase the 4 tickets I needed and even found that 3 tickets couldn’t be purchased. I looked at all the other days and of course, they were sold out and therefore we had missed all chances and opportunities to go at all.

In all my years purchasing concert tickets this has been the worst experience ever. Below are some recommendations:

  • You should have been able to be let in for the presale more easily to allow more people the chance.
  • If Taylor Swift had more concerts around Australia there would be more chance of getting a ticket. I know she added an extra show for Melbourne and Sydney but these are the only ones for the whole of the country. Three in total for Melbourne and four in Sydney. Everyone all over was purchasing tickets to these concerts. If for example there were concerts in Perth, Brisbane, South Australia or other places it would have allowed more people to go.
  • A better system for allowing people to get tickets is needed. If you have a presale ticket system with codes it should be on priority and next in line not a random thing that it is only down to the internet gods that you magically get tickets.
  • Not allow people to have more tickets to other concerts – give everyone a chance.

I did want to see if I can get the girls tickets to the concert for their birthday this year and of course for their Christmas present but it was not to be. I am wanting to create more experiences rather than buy stuff.

Maybe I can get tickets to another concert, however, I do hope that the way to purchase tickets for whatever concert it is isn’t like what the Ticketek experience was.

I think I am scarred by this experience to secure tickets and exhausted over the whole event. If I never see the blue line going back and forth on another webpage I will be very happy.

Yep, I know that some magically were lucky to get tickets super quick, but for the people like me that tried for hours on end to secure nothing I am sad to hear this. It shows that the ticketing system is flawed and really not fair. Especially for those that waited hours for both days for the chance to be let through the next screen to part with lots of money for tickets to this sought-after show.

I was happy to part with lots of money to get my tickets but one thing I think is unforgivable is how many tried and were never let in to purchase at all. I don’t get how it was never my turn or others’ turn either. How is this possible????

Hamilton Island Pet Rock 300 x 600

Ticket availability is ultimately determined by factors like venue capacity and artist preferences, so with the huge demand for the limited tickets for each concert and the number of people wanting said tickets, I don’t think I stood a chance at all to get any at all.

How did you find the experience of getting Taylor Swift tickets? Were you one of the lucky ones? Or are you like me and tried for hours and came up empty-handed?

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