The snot fairy


The snot fairy is upon us and I wish she/he would go away. Lillian has invented the snot fairy to the great delight of mummy and daddy and now the doctor who we saw yesterday.  I suppose she thinks there is a tooth fairy, a sleep fairy who adds sleep to her eyes and makes her sleep (my invention), so why shouldn’t there be a snot fairy? The doctor was also taken with Julia saying that she wanted to be a fairy doctor when she grows up. Julia pointed out very clearly that she is not one now; she will be one when she is grown.  Not sure what the doctor thought of the kids, other than they are very creative.

It is not fun when the snot fairy strikes.

It is not fun when the snot fairy strikes.

The upshot is that Julia and I have a virus and will go eventually, and Lillian has tonsillitis. I did not expect Lillian to have this, but thought she was not looking well. So I have antibiotics for Lillian and started it last night. I was keen to make sure they were well for school today, but realised that they needed to stay home. So I have kids again today to hopefully get them better for maybe tomorrow or at the worst next week for the last week of school before Easter.

I think I might have the kids all week, which is not good when I have an assignment due soon. I need to have time to work on it and currently nothing has happened due to kids and me being ill, I will contact the lecturer to get an extension on this assignment, hopefully this will help.

Last night Lillian was tossing and turning, she was crying and upset in Julia’s bed. I took her and moved her back to her bed, and got her settled. She was sick, very tired and not able to go to sleep. She kept on hugging me, holding my hand and wanting me to stay. I wanted to stay until she was asleep, although every time she was nearly asleep she cried like there was something wrong and in pain. I raced off to get some painkillers for her and once given, she cuddled up and fell fast asleep.

Currently my sick little girls are watching play school and playing with pink play dough that I made yesterday. They are now making dinosaurs and singing along to the songs.  I have asked Lillian to draw the snot fairy as something to do, however now all other things are getting drawn other than the snot fairy. If I get a drawing I will upload to this post.

Not much you can do when the snot fairy strikes. What do you do when your kids are sick? Or you are ill? I have made sure the girls are having their vitamins, panadol, vicks and have added eucalyptus oil to their clothes to help them breathe; do you have any tips to help sick little people?

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