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Hi all, I have been trying to lose weight and tone up. I am not that bad but don’t feel comfortable and would feel better if I lost more weight, I suppose most people are in this boat.  It is hard with kids, study, the house to maintain and other things in your life. I know these are all just excuses and other people manage it. The issue I have is that I cannot just take a walk as I have two kids that need to come with me. I do try and put them into the pram but then it limits where you go, at the end of the day if I am walking with kids in the pram it is better than not walking, right?

So my plan is to get fit and wonderful by my birthday. Yes I have a deadline and thought I would expose it so I will get motivated to keep to my timeline, good idea right? I hope so! Now if I fail, I will fail publicly. Maybe it will help me stick to it. My birthday is in May so I have about 7 months to have a good go at it. I have a number of kilos that I would love to lose, pounds or stones depending on where you live. However I would rather just see what the outcome is and if I lose my targeted amount that is just the icing on the cake.

So I have decided to start The Slinky Project™, it is a project to get me fit, toned and by the time of my wonderful birthday next year, looking like a new and improved woman. Some might call me a yummy mummy by this stage, well I can live in hope.

To ensure success this is what I will be doing to for The Slinky Project™:

  • Try and exercise a bit each day, walking, jogging, zumba, swimming, or aqua aerobics (anything that gets me moving)
  • Lower portion size
  • Eat less meat
  • More lean protein
  • Less sugar – no treats or only on special occasions
  • Hardly any alcohol (yes I know I do like a glass of wine sometimes for dinner)
  • Will try and get up early to fit in some stretching – find this hard due to loving my sleep, but will try as need to get motivated
  • Look at more vegetarian meals and recipes, so if you have some send them in!

So this is the start of the new me, or actually a new and improved me. I am still me, just would like to have less of me if you know what I mean.  My issue is finding time to exercise all the time, hubby works late and then he does not get home till late, so I cannot just leave the kids to go off and exercise. Thank goodness for daylight saving, more daylight and hopefully more opportunity to walk in great weather.

What do you do to make sure that you have time for exercise? Does your partner or family help you? Do your kids join in with you when you exercise or do kids helping make exercise redundant?  Has having a deadline for your weight loss goals helped you? Send in your tips and tricks.

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