Target has opened!


Today Target opened, yes and of course we had to go and have a sticky beak. Yesterday I sorted out the kids clothes, took some to charity, threw some out and sorted out their draws and cupboard. This made me realise that they are in need of more socks, singlets, t-shirts and maybe more jumpers. I managed to find some socks that fit the bill however most were sports socks and ended at the ankle. Due to us being in bad weather most of the year it is a good thing to have longer socks for gum boots or just to keep your feet warmer. So these shorter options were a no go.

I was interested to see if they had packs for t-shirts and singlets but they are quite expensive by themselves. T-shirts were selling from $10 each and singlets about $7 or more each. I wanted to get a few singlets and t-shirts in larger sizes and could not find what I was after. Maybe they were there and due to managing shopping with the the girls I did not see them.

One thing that I found was that the boys section you could get 2 undershirts for $12 and in the girls section you pay that for just one undershirt or singlet short sleeve top. I did look but the sizes were too big for my girls. Why don’t the girls section ever do bundles of singlets and t-shirts. Hey Target, this might be a winner product line for you.

All in all the shop is great, and at last we have a place to pick up stuff for the home, kids and yourself at reasonable prices. The girls did spot ballet shoes that I did purchase although I did not want to, this will make sure that they have something reasonable priced for dance play and as said won’t break the bank.

Target is currently having their toy sale on and Lillian fell in love with a toy doll, barbie to be precise so must see if I can get it for her birthday. She was so emotional about it and carried it around with her like it was her baby. Finally she relented and allowed me to put it back on the shelf.

Hope you like the pics of today at the new shop and what were your thoughts if you went. I do think it would be nice if it was bigger and we had more to choose from but at least it is something, so I will be grateful we have that at least. I am also amazed it has opened so quickly.

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  • Foodie in WV
    June 28, 2013

    The great thing about Target here is their clearance. It can go up to 90 percent off, so you can gets clothes for kids for a dollar, which is a great deal! Your daughters are adorable as always 🙂

    • Suzanne
      June 28, 2013

      I hope that we get a great clearance like that, 90% off would be great. Will let you know if that happens.

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