Tales from School

Mood Ring. Image found on Pinterest

Mood Ring. Image found on Pinterest

First Tale

Yesterday when I picked up the twins from school I learnt that Lillian was stressed. Yes stressed!!!! Julia had an older girl buddy and both girls have been hanging with her and this girls bestie. This bestie had a mood ring. She allowed the twins to have a go and it concluded that Lillian was indeed stressed. Gosh, if she is stressed now what will it be like when she is older.  I did explain that this is just a bit of fun and the colour changes due to your body heat. The girls did not believe me and said, “You are wrong mummy, Lillian is stressed, the ring said!” O>K…. fine!

Second Tale

Wednesday I gave each child a $2 coin so that they could go to the canteen. When I picked them up that afternoon I found out how they used their money.

Julia was so happy and told me, “Mummy they gave me money!” I then explained that this was change from your money. She thought that she got more and they were so great to give her more. I could not help but have a chuckle at this.

I then asked what each child purchased with their money. Both of them told me that they got watermelon. Wow, how great that they chose something good for them, the girls love watermelon.

I could see how big they felt with their own money and going off to the canteen all by themselves. They both looked so proud of themselves and it was great to witness.

How are your kids going at school?

How is school going for your kids? Do you have any funny stories so far? If so share them. Hope your kids are loving school and having a great time.

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