Sunshine, play and an attempt to rest


Today was a miracle it was sunny and hot. What a change from nonstop rain, although the idea of rain was still around with dark clouds forming and threatening that it will stop this joyful moment of some summer sun.

Today we all went off to see and experience the Rydal Show, which of course is located in Rydal. It is a nice town near Lithgow, NSW. The girls got to moo with cows, pat a goat, snort with pigs (very influenced by Peppa Pig, a television show that the girls watch), touched wool, saw sheep, Lillian had her face painted as a purple pussy cat as per usual and the surprise was that Julia had no interest in getting her face painted. Julia is normally a fair doctor (for those that don’t know, a fairy doctor is a doctor to fairies and others in need as well) when she has her face painted. Lately I have been told that she is going to be a fairy doctor when she grows up, so she does not want her face painted as one now. I said maybe she wanted to be something different, for example, a cat, a butterfly or a puppy dog. The answer I received was “Yuck, NO!”  Oh well, just one child had their face painted.

Daddy, Mummy, Julia and Lillian all went on the tea cup ride. Lillian was not sure about it but really liked it. Julia liked it a lot and really did not want to get out. Then we were off to the bouncing castle, which for some strange reason the girls referred to as the “bounce a seum” , it was like they were saying bounce with museum on the end, which was a cute way to describe it. I am trying to think where the kids got this from, maybe it was from one of the shows they watched or they are just creative.

Lately the girls are saying “No, Yuck, or Yuck, NO!!!” to a lot of things. It could either be an activity, something I have asked them to do, or today a very nice lady from Rydal show was trying to see if the girls wanted something and the response was, “No, Yuck!!”. The lady was very nice and polite. I used this example to show that this was not appropriate behaviour but not sure if that has sunk in. I keep on trying and making sure that they realise that they cannot speak to people that way.  I suppose that I just have to solider on and keep on with this issue. If I give up, they will think that they can get away with it. I do think it is a phase and the girls trying to test them and me.

It does get rather exhausting, especially when I thought I would take the opportunity to take a nap while they supposedly rested. Rest time now consists of the girls going to their bedroom and playing, creating a mess, hurting each other or just yelling and giggling. This time they were just terrible to each other. I had to go in twice to see who was hurt and make sure they realised that if it happened again that I would separate one of them. They did not want that, and then it died down to a whisper of giggles and games.

The girls and daddy came in to wake me up and Lillian especially was very naughty, jumping on me, poking and that type of thing. She thought it was very funny. We are trying very hard to make her see that when people yell no, or stop that she needs to stop and it is not funny.

Today Julia is calling herself Fiona, Princess Fiona from Shrek to be precise. Lillian talks to Julia and addresses her as Fiona and sometimes as Tinkerbell. All very odd, especially to daddy when he came home Friday night and in their room he was told he was talking with Fiona and Lillian. He told me it was a directive that came from the cheeky monkeys. In the car today and at the show, Lillian kept on asking Fiona what she wanted and did she want to go and see the cows, or the horses. The girls definitely have a vivid imagination.

I don’t know what happened today, maybe it was the change in the weather, but both girls were hyper, they had no sugar, sweets or anything that I can pinpoint.  They were all over the place. Glad that they are in bed and I will be there soon.  Crossing fingers that the girls are a bit more relaxed tomorrow.

Do your kids get obsessed with shows that they change their names at home? What have you done as soon as you get a sunny day, aside from washing?  I managed to get one load done and hopefully more tomorrow.

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