Starting Solids


Note: This post is not sponsored in anyway, just wanting to share. I thought that some information might be helpful for other mums and dads out there.

The last week Alexander has started some solid food, well not really solid. More mash to be exact. We noticed that he is getting more and more interested in what we are eating and thought he might be ready.

When did you start your little person on real food?

The twins started about this time as well. I remember when the twins were babies I was eating a banana. One girl reached over and nearly took it off me. I thought this little girl was telling me that she wanted to start solids.

What did your little baby do to show you they were ready?

So what has the baby been eating? We chose the 4 months + range from Heinz (I did not realise that on the Heinz website they have recipes for all age groups, fact sheets and so much more. I had no idea. If you need some inspiration on meals this site looks like a great resource.)

Heinz Pumpkin Potato & Beef for 4 months +. Image from the Heinz website.

Heinz Pumpkin Potato & Beef for 4 months +. Image from the Heinz website.

So far Alexander has had some food for lunch and dinners and has sampled:

  • Pumpkin, Potato and Beef
  • Pear and Banana
  • Golden Sweet Corn and Chicken

When the twins were babies I bought all kinds of vegetables and fruit and pureed my own baby food. I spent hours shopping and organising it all, I wanted to expose the girls to all different tastes and textures. My aim was for them to eat a variety of everything and of course not to be fussy. This however backfired on me as the twins are very fussy eaters. Maybe this baby will be the person who eats whatever he is given. I can live in hope and dream…. maybe…Well it would be nice.

Did you make your own baby food for the first kid? Did you do it for the others as well or did not have the time?

I plan on making some things at home to expand Alexander’s tastes and expose him to other foods.

I do find that I am extremely busy with the twins, their school, reading at the school, plus after school activities and that is not even listing homework or helping the kids read once home.

What did you make and freeze for your kids when they started solids?

When the twins got used to solids I made them a spaghetti bolognese but it had huge amount of vegetables in it, the vegetables were pureed and added to the tomato sauce. The pasta was the coloured pasta that was infused with vegetables as well, so the girls got a good helping of vegetables in this meal. The twins used to love this meal but they don’t eat this type of thing any more.

It is so cute to watch Alexander eat the new food. His face lights up with the new tastes and feelings that it creates in his mouth. He moves his tongue around and it appears like he is chewing, however he has no teeth so it is just moving the mash around his mouth. I am pleased that he is liking the new food and experience.

It is exciting our little person will soon be eating like the rest of the family, although I hope that he will not be fussy like his big sisters.

Did your little one like the experience of starting solids? Did they love all the food that you gave them or was there one that they hated? Let us know.


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