I make this soup often and it can be done a number of different ways. I look at the vegetables that I have in my fridge and pantry and use what I have, as the ingredients are dependent on what is in the fridge this list below will change depending on what you have in stock. Also if you have more or less of one vegetable, use it and you can alter the soup to what you have. This is a good dinner for last minute and it is healthy.


  • 4 Carrots
  • 1 Capsicum red (can be whatever colour you like, I just happen to have a red one)
  • 1/2 a small Pumpkin or whatever you have left in the fridge
  • 3 Potatoes
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 5 Squash
  • 4  litres of water
  • 1 cup of rice/pasta depending on what you have in the pantry
  • Soy sauce a splash
  • Some Cayenne pepper if you like it spicy, or some black pepper. You could add chillies if you have them in the fridge. Today I don’t.
  • Vegetable/chicken/beef – depends what you would like, and also if you are vegetarian. If you are adding little pieces of fried up salami then a chicken or beef stock will be great, also works well with vegetable.  As this is a soup with heaps of vegetables the veggie stock is wonderful to use if you just have that.
  • Fried salami bits to add texture and some crunch
  • Bread to toast and to serve with the soup.


  1. I add the water to a big pot and start boiling it
  2. I chop up all the vegetables into small sizes that will be bite size
  3. Then put all vegetables into the big pot
  4. Put in the stock, today I am using beef. You might need 2 or 3 stock cubes.
  5. Add the rice, make sure to stir as you don’t want the rice to stick to the bottom of the pot
  6. While it is all bubbling away, fry off the salami bits
  7. Taste the soup. Add the Soy sauce, just a dash and some spices of your choice. I add Cayenne pepper or black pepper.
  8. Keep on stirring, it can bubble away, but you need to come back and check on it every 20mins or more often depending on how fast your stove cooks.
  9. Add the salami bits near the end
  10. If you have cooked this in advance of dinner, take off the stove and reheat before dinner
  11. Just before you serve it toast the bread and butter it. For an extra I sometimes put some tasty cheese on top and add sesame seeds to the cheese toast for the soup. Tastes wonderful.


Photo to come soon



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