Something in the air


Today the girls have been naughty little things. I don’t know if it is the moon, or where the sun was shining but something is happening. They did not do anything that was asked and just ruined and created havoc.

Next Tuesday the girls start back at pre-school, bring on term 4! I cannot wait to have some me time. Did your little ones run amok today? Was it just mine?

I managed to get out of the house with the girls and ventured to the park. They had turns on the swings, slippery dip and climbed on many things. They did have fun getting dirty, to mummies dismay as they were clean and showered.

After the park we went to visit some friends and then the girls played with their kids friends and so on. It was good; however they all told ghost stories and then it made the kids frightened to go to bed. Oh the joys.

Kids are finally passed out and sleeping soundly, to my relief. They have been for at least an hour and half now. Do you have days that the kids are all over the place? I do think it was due to a big day the day before. They were still tired but could not admit it or have a rest.

Send in your techniques for this very situation, calming unruly children who are tired but insist they are not. These very kids are getting into trouble and really should have a nap. Send in your comments.

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