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Saturday the 25th was a big day; the girls had two parties to attend:

1. A birthday party for a boy at pre-school.

2. A goodbye party for their mate Mia, who is living to live in Germany.

The girls were very excited and I realised that the centre of the universe is going to be Blackheath or at least close to it for a while. Both parties were in Blackheath and as the girls had now started school in Blackheath this is probably going to be more frequent. That is fine with us, however it was just strange that the two events were on the same day. We are never that busy really and both parties were for the girls not us, us parents were just the transport.

It was sad that their good friend Mia was leaving and it was nice that she came along to the birthday party as well. All the kids go to the same pre-school.  The girls had an excellent time at the birthday party, they loved decorating their cupcakes and playing games with the other children. We filled out Mia’s friendship book and hope that we get a letter from her soon.

After the birthday party we all went to get some lunch, ended up getting fish and chips and going to our land to have a picnic. So that was impressive. After we went home had a quick rest, and then off to the next party. The girls made a necklace and bracelet for Mia. It had her name and theirs on the necklace with hearts and the bracelet had just Mia’s name.  Very cute and they were very proud to show Mia their handy work.

We stayed for a while at the goodbye party; however the girls were so tired, ended up falling over to often and getting upset. Happens a lot when they are tired, both the girls did not want to go, but we had to they were exhausted. So we said our goodbyes and made our way home. Gave them some dinner, and milk, and off to bed. We did not hear any noise out of their room after we put them to bed, very tired indeed.

The girls were very good and managed to have the whole day out without nappies and had no accidents, aside from rest time.

Today we went to kids kingdom and the girls for the first time went there without nappies. Lillian told me she needed to go to the toilet and I took her. She was great and very grown up. I asked Julia if she needed to go, she said no. After the kids played, we went off to Woolies at Leura to get some shopping. We were at the checkout waiting to pay and Julia said, “I need to go to the toilet mummy”, I rushed to the end of the shops, and the toilet had a queue. I then went to the other toilet and there was a queue there as well. I asked Julia if she could hang on. She said, “Yes mummy”. I was hoping that she could and we would not have an accident. The lady in front of me offered for us to go first, I thanked her as it was very nice of her to offer. Julia was good, and hung on until we got to the toilet. Clever girl, and then we washed hands and headed off to find daddy and get the shopping to the car.

I am very impressed with the girls and not wearing nappies anymore. I think they understand that they need to hold on and have the ability to do so more now.  I am just an impressed mummy at such a wonderful thing, maybe the end of nappies soon?

Daddy, the girls and I danced to music, they played with their doctors kit (ended up taking the doctors kit to bed, plus a teapot, in case they need to make some tea), and then they were off to bed.

Lunches are made for school tomorrow and have a house to get cleaner or at least tidier tomorrow as well. What have your social butterflies been up to? Is school filling your social calendar with parties? I think that we will have more functions to go to, which is good. Hopefully we will expand our network and meet more people.

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  • trish van baast
    February 27, 2012

    Sounds like the nappy thing is soon a thing of the past. Hallelujah. Good to hear about the cupcake party after the little boy was soooo excited.

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