Serious Gear Lust


I have had serious lust over the iPad’s and would just love to own one. I know it is a terrible thing to admit, but it is true. Having a tablet would definitely be a help in life, while out with the kids I could be doing work, and at home I could take the tablet to bed (how strange to say take a tablet to bed, you know I mean a laptop device, not a bex or a tablet) to read articles for university, and of course if I have any further spare time, I will use it to surf the web or just read for my own interest.

Finding out that there is a mini iPad about to be launched is great news, and that it might be cheaper than the other iPad’s on the market. This mini iPad will be launching in October some time so I’m keen to find out more, although the article about the mini iPad claim that the launch will be more likely for September. We will have to wait and see.

It is not just the iPad’s that have managed to wake my gear lust; it is also Microsoft’s Surface, again coming in October. From what I understand there is no cost listed currently for these devices and I would love to have one also. You might just say that I am keen to have a portable device that I can take with me, out and about or to just retire and read books or articles with. The desktop computer just does not cut it anymore. One amazing thing about Microsoft Surface is that the cover for the tablet becomes the keyboard, no need to purchase the keyboard separately.

Do you lust after products that you cannot have? Is it just me that wants a tablet? I also find the term tablet a bit strange…I feel like I am asking for a pill/medicine. I know it is not, but that is what it sounds like. A bit like when I first heard of the Nitendo Wii, it took me a moment to understand that people were talking about a product and not wanting to go to the toilet. I know silly, but how many others have had the same issue? I am up with technology and very savvy with it, and sometimes the names for products just throw you.

Send in your comments, or stories about what things you lust over. My list is getting longer and longer, however I will stick with either an iPad or the Microsoft Surface for the moment.  It will be interesting to see how Google, Apple and Microsoft go with very similar products and what prices they will sell at.  Having a price point that is more competitive might mean the organisation that wins the business will corner the market.

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  • trish van baast
    July 22, 2012

    All these new products just show me how antiquated I’ve become. And whatever you buy, it’s outdated so quickly. I’m sure that they’ll be on e-bay or other cheap sites soon after they’re launched.

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