School Holidays Have Exhausted Me!


Tomorrow the twins go back to school. Insert happy dance. Maybe a HUGE boogie-woogie.

Yep, the start of term three is nearly here. I’m so tired due to the last few weeks.

There was always something on and therefore to drive to. If we weren’t driving to places it was days out and fun with other kids and parents too.

I want to sleep like this cat. Wish I could just curl up when I wanted and have a sleep.

I want to sleep like this cat. Wish I could just curl up when I wanted and have a sleep.

Last week had five days out of the house, the week before we had three days out of the house.

Some of the things we did were:

  • Did Science workshops at Mt Tomah Gardens
  • Had playdates with some of the kid’s friends
  • Drove to visit family (they live far away so it took 2.5 hours each way, so 5 hours of driving)
  • Visited the Way Out West Festival (WOW) and then visited a good friend the same day
  • Attended the Robogals STEM workshops at New South Wales University
  • Went swimming and played at an indoor play centre

My plan for the school holidays was to relax and to stay at home more.

I had a vision of just staying in my pj’s and not having to be anywhere or do anything in particular.

One insane thought was to get the house tidier, organised and remove clutter during the holidays. I hear you all laughing at me very loudly and with bad snorting to boot! I, of course, didn’t any tidying done or making the house look more organised.

Nope, it did not happen. I did try and the twins room got a big tidy up, bags of clothes and toys were given away, many other bags ended up in the bin and more room was created. However, this cleaning of one room took two days, required constant supervision and reminding the kids of what they were doing. Oh, the energy really was zapped from my being.

You might think after losing hours of my life in a feral cave of mess that finally managed to be tidy after over 48 hours it would be brilliant now.

Well, I kid you not it is like we never touched it. It is a huge mess yet again.

I'm beyond tired and really would love to sleep for a month or two.

I’m beyond tired and really would love to sleep for a month or two.

I am so tired, my cells are aching, and my body is throbbing.

I could close my eyes and sleep for a month. I know that school going back is great but more running around will happen.

School drop offs, pick ups, after school activities, getting kids to do homework and more.

Kids get holidays, but mummy rarely does. Actually, I don’t get any holidays! I need one now to recharge from our hectic few weeks.

Did you have relaxing school holidays? I close my eyes and dream a relaxing holiday…possibly Fiji, Europe, Bali, Thailand? Who knows.

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