Review: GEOMAG Toys


Have you heard of GEOMAG? Well if you haven’t, it is a brilliant creative construction toy for kids. It could be for adults too, as they list the top age to 103 so if you wish to purchase some don’t let the fact that it is a toy scare you off.

I was sent the GEOMAG Color set to try out. This comes with the following:

  • Magnetic rods
  • Non-magnetic spheres and various accessories


Geomag is produced in Switzerland to the most stringent international toy standards. Geomag has educational benefits such as:

  • Developing  maths
  • Problem Solving
  • Spacial
  • Coordination
  • Creative and thinking skills

What makes this construction toy so different?

  • It is an open ended construction toy that uses the magnets.
  • The use of magnets makes it easy for kids to create amazing works, due to the toy having magnets it makes it easy for all ages to construct anything you set your mind to.
  • It is easy for little hands to use
  • Due to the ease of use kids will never get frustrated

The girls loved the fact that Geomag was easy to use. I have been asked to get more so they can build bigger and higher constructions.

What other types of GEOMAG Sets are Available?

  • As mentioned the kids were sent a set of the classic color set. There are five colourful sets that contain between 30 – 120 pieces and start from $30 RRP.
  • Geomag Classic Panel which gives you different panel shapes. You can have triangles, squares and pentagons.  There are five sets that contain 22-180 pieces from $20 RRP.
  • Geomag E-Motion Spin allows kids to add motion to their creations. Children have the chance to create their very own spinning top and many more dynamic constructions. These sets contain 10-38 pieces and the cost is from $30 RRP.
  • Geomag Glitter has glitterised rods and panels. Now this would add some sparkle and colour to your constructions. There are four sets available and has a piece count of 22-68 from $20 RRP.
  • If you are interested in purchasing or just checking out the Geomag range click here to find out more.

This toy is great for inside play. It kept my kids quiet for hours. I just need to buy more so they can create bigger and fancier projects.


Do your kids love constructing things? Whether it is with a toy or just play dough? Mine do.

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