Reform Now! Not until 2094?


My girls will be 84 and I will not be around (for some of them) when the reforms from The Gonski Review will be in place. Why will it take 80 years to implement these changes? I do understand government moves slower, there are departments and other business to organise so it is difficult but 80 years is a bit much! I also don’t understand why we would carry on about this ground breaking review of the educational system

In The Daily Telegraph there is an article that discusses correcting under funded schools and over funded schools so that it is more equal, and talks about the Gonski review. This is a great idea and do understand it is a big job, however 80 years is a bit much to wait for this transition, don’t you think?  Below is some quotes from The Daily Telegraph’s article:

“According to NSW government calculations, based on 2010 data and modelling as at August 2012, 878 NSW schools are “over-funded”. The document assumes a mid-range indexation of 4.5 per cent from 2015. The last NSW school would move to their specified funding level in 2072 – 60 years after the review’s release. The last “over-funded” school in Australia would not move over until 2094.”

At least 2019 is not that far off now…

“The document showed that Australia’s “under-funded” schools – currently receiving less funding than they would be entitled to under the proposed model – would transition to the correct funding in 2019.”

The article states that they are working on more modelling and reviews and that will take another six years, so that adds up that something will be implemented by 2019 however not sure why the rest would take so long. I am not involved in the politics or the report itself but don’t understand why it would take as long as 80 years? If you have some reason for this long lead time please send in your thoughts.

I do understand that this review was the first for 40 years so as with any department or business there might be a few things to clean up or organise, and that is understandable;but 80 years, surely you will not hit the milestone for project (they might have put in an 80 year timeline and sneaky things like that). If you do it would have to be handed over to a new and different team that is not yet born yet! Fancy the notes on this project the new team would have get up to speed on, glad that will not be me!

As a concerned parent of two girls that are going to start school next year, I hope that they figure it out soon. I don’t want my kids or others to miss out on things that they should have at their school.

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