Pushing Boundaries

Running around and creating mischief. Image courtesy of chrisroll at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Running around and creating mischief. Image courtesy of chrisroll at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Are your twins competitive? Mine are. It is tiring and exhausting dealing with kids that argue, annoy each other and want to do the same as the other in the same space, time and with the same things. We nearly have two of everything so there should not be an issue. The issue arises when one child gets something of mine or one of something and then the other wants it also. This as you can imagine makes it hard from a mummy perspective.

So what do I do?

  • Tell the child with the toy/item that they have a certain time frame to play with it and then it is the others turn. This does lead to the child crying and screaming that they got it first but it does get accepted after a bit of time and explaining.
  • Once I have the toy/item from the first kid I then give the toy to the other child and they have some time to play with it.
  • You can make sure it is fair for each child by using a stopwatch or a timer from the kitchen. When the bell sounds the other kid has a go!
  • If all fails I take the toy away and then no kid can play with it.
  • If there is a complete meltdown from both kids I take all away and put them in time out or have some quiet time in their room or in the backyard doing something different. A change of scenery is best. Distract and change things around a bit always is helpful.

This age of pushing boundaries and doing more on their own is interesting. Kids are climbing more, hurting themselves and just being secret little explorers. Sometimes they are doing things that they have been told not to do and that is hard to deal with. Maybe I need to hide more things and put them at greater heights. We are already finding chairs and boxes around the house, these have been used by the twins to access things that they are not supposed to have.

Do you find that your kids are getting into things that you told them not to access! Have you found that your little people are having wonderful adventures and are just very busy with heaps to do all the time? I have and it does not stop! Maybe it is the fact of having two kids at the same age.

My hubby has asked what I want for Christmas and my answer is a holiday for me to unwind and relax! I know not very fair to the family but after dealing with all the chaos of kids, meltdowns and being the go between on everything a holiday where I sleep in, get cooked for, and can have some quiet me time is very attractive at the moment.

How do you deal with this active stage with your kids? I do organise things for the girls but they are active little things and always want to do more and explore. Send in your comments.

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  • Trish
    November 16, 2013

    The swimming teacher just commented on how much energy my twins have – asked if they ever get ‘buggered’ …only when I make them walk from bus stop up the hill to home.
    I use a digital timer (now broken – needs replacement ASAP) it has been a lifesaver – 90% of the time they willing handover (my iPad ) to their twin …
    I have a roster for helping with chores too – so I remember who did what yesterday.

    • Suzanne
      November 16, 2013

      I have the same issue Trish 🙂

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