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Has your hubby/boyfriend/partner given up alcohol when you were pregnant? Did he cut back or stop all together? Mine did not and I of course was not drinking so it was no fun at all, even worse when I had my birthday party and I was the only person not drinking.  He did cut back a bit but still had the occasional beer.

I learned today about a campaign called Pregnant Pause. This campaign is challenging 500 Australians to take a ‘pause’ from alcohol during pregnancy for a loved one, it could be your wife, girlfriend, sister in law, or mate.

If you take the pledge to give up alcohol you are deemed a pregnant pauser, and the aim is to raise money for FASD.

Pregnant Pause PosterYou can download the above poster here:

So what is FASD?

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is an umbrella term which describes a continuum of permanent birth defects caused by maternal consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, which includes, but is not limited to fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).[1][2] Establishing the prevalence of FASD is very difficult, but it is estimated that at least 1 percent of children in the U.S suffers from FAS or other alcohol-related birth defects” (Wikipedia, Accessed 23rd Sept 2013)

FASD Facts

  • It is preventable – Just don’t drink alcohol during pregnancy
  • A long life condition
  • Sufferers of FASD have issues with behaviour, difficulty with speech and language
  • Can have impairment of vision, and difficulty with reasoning and judgement
  • Misdiagnosed due to lack of awareness and understanding
  • The condition is irreversible


Where does the money raised go?

The money that you raise goes to FARE (The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education), this organisation has five key goals:

  1. Help doctors diagnose FASD
  2. Educate Australians so that they are aware of FASD and commit to an alcohol free pregnancy
  3. Research the full extent of FASD
  4. Provide care for those that are living and affected by FASD
  5. Support communities more vulnerable to FASD

I did not have any alcohol during my pregnancy as I wanted to make sure all went well and give my babies the best chance. I do know of other women who have had a drink here and there and it was fine, although doctors are saying no alcohol in pregnancy is best.

The Manual - Survival Tips for Real Men

The Manual – Survival Tips for Real Men

Are you a soon to be dad? Why not support your lovely wife/partner and give up the booze for the whole nine months. It would show support and help her feel good about giving it up too.

Why not sign up to the pregnant pause and raise money for the cause. You can ask for an entire amount for the time or say a $1 a day for every day you abstain?  If you cannot last the full nine months any time will help.

Ladies why not get some great info at the Mumble Room and get involved. Maybe you can strategically leave info around the house? Just an idea.

So get involved and help a great cause, and at the same time get healthy.

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