Planet Pooh


Today the girls have had heaps of energy. We decided to have lunch outside as the day was so nice, not a cloud in the sky and lovely blue skies. Although not very warm it was warmer than it has been, the second day of spring is making me think that summer is going to be warm. Yes finally a warm summer to look forward to.

Now back to the girls. They were running riot, racing around from one end of the house to the other. Running races, kids were pretending to be rats – (they are rats in the Chinese Horoscope and we have told them this so now they play rats) while pretending to be rats daddy and mummy were referred to as mumma and dada rat.

Lillian then decided that she was a rocket and was flying around the garden; she then had to fly to the bathroom for a toilet stop. Once she flew back to the backyard she flew just past the clothes line and then announced she had run out of petrol. Thank goodness the chair next to her was a petrol station so she could fuel up and be on her way to “Planet Pooh!”

Daddy and I had no idea that Planet Pooh was in our backyard and that the girls had their own personal rockets to fly there at a moment’s notice.  Then all of a sudden, no more rockets and no more Planet Pooh, it was Mr Whippy. Lillian decided she was Mr Whippy and she got out the truck that their cousin gave them and zipped that around the yard as if she was off on deliveries.

Mr Whippy or Lillian did get upset at various times as her ice-creams were lost when her helpful assistant tried to clean the truck and melted the ice-creams. Then the girls swapped and Julia was Mr Whippy then Lillian was a customer.

The outside play today ended by the girls making mud and mud pies. As you might have imagined this ended with very messy kids and an annoyed daddy as he had to have them in the shower and clean the bathroom due to the mud. I suppose the kids were just trying to make him feel loved on Father’s Day.

We did have an incident at the supermarket when one of the girls lost it and had a temper tantrum, and this one child has been a sensitive little person all day. Maybe she is just very tired? I am hoping that they will just go to sleep without a hassle and not play the game of can I get a book, a drink, need to go to the bathroom every second and want to come out to tell you something that they have already told you a million times.

As I write this there has been another meltdown about a block. The same little girl who I believe is tried from yesterday is creating issues. We went to my nana’s (the girls GG) for lunch to celebrate her birthday. It was a long day and as there have been many meltdowns and problems I really think it is the fact she needs to have more sleep. Let’s hope this happens, currently she is in her room for time out as she was very naughty.

Have your kids had heaps of energy today? If so what have you done to exhaust them?  Has it worked? Send in your comments.

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