Pineapples Nutrient Rich and Great for Health


I had no idea that Pineapples were so good for you.

Also, I don’t often drink pineapple….but don’t hate it, and yes I like many others seem to eat it more in the summer.


  • Pineapples have an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • This magical enzyme also can boost immunity and is super helpful to fight colds and flu (I wish I knew this as I am currently suffering from a bad cold or possibly the flu)
  • “Only six per cent of people class pineapples as nutrient-rich, favouring blueberries and acai berries instead”


Pure Gold pineapples are so good for you, read all about them.

Pineapples also are great for your digestive system, yep more good things from eating. Bromelain breaks down proteins plus has been shown to help with symptoms of sinusitis, arthritis and sore throats.


“Nutritionist and dietitian Joanna Shinewell said the key to keeping a strong immune system, particularly during the cooler months, is through vitamin C, dietary bromelain and antioxidants.”

“To encourage a healthy immune system, the body needs a daily intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. While to many it is surprising that pineapples could be a hidden gem, they are truly the golden fruit that protects you from the harshness of winter from the inside, out,” said Shinewell.

Pure Gold Pineapples are based in Central and Southern Queensland,  and available all year round. Pure Gold Pineapples are available across Australian food retailers and fruit shops nationally.


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