Painting in the shower is fun for all

Shaving cream paint

Shaving cream paint

Have you ever thought how do you make things more interesting for your child/children. The girls for a while have been wanting to do more artistic things so I searched high and low to find out more that I can do. Ages ago, I found this great site called, “I can teach my child“, this has great creative and educational ideas. On this site, I found a great way for the girls to paint while we are having a shower. It is a no mess, fun and creative way for your little one to just go mad and you are happy as the shower washes it all away.

I have added to the idea by making sure that I put the paint in a silicone cupcake container. This means it is easy to clean, just pop it in the sink and rinse out or straight into the dishwasher.

Okay, I suppose you now want to know what I am talking about. Well, it is shaving cream paint.

Step1: Purchase the cheapest shaving cream you can find.

Step 2: Before the shower, put shaving cream into the silicone cupcake container.

Step 3: Add food colouring to each area and mix it with a spoon. Make sure that it is all mixed in and if not to your liking add more colouring.

Step 4: Have paint brushes for the kids.

Step 5: Have a shower and then watch them go crazy painting the shower and being creative. It is so much fun that you end up getting painted as well. You can paint the kids also.

Did you end up with wonderful artwork on the shower wall? Or did your kids get covered in paint head to toe? Let us know.

I hope you enjoyed this and of course it means that your kids will be happy to take a shower.

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