Osmo Pizza Co for Kids

Alexander loves his Osmo Pizza Co game and iPad Stand

I got sent an Osmo Pizza Co with an iPad stand, I must say that I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am blown away.

Osmo is fabulous! It is so interactive and teaches kids when they are having fun playing.

Once I unwrapped the game and the iPad stand, I then set it up for Alex.
The Pizza shop was open for business. It is so interesting that the game is not just played on the iPad, it is also played with the pizza board, the pizza ingredients and the money to make change for the customers orders.

The customers do get angry and annoyed at you if you get their order wrong….however it is fun to see their happy faces when you get it right.

Customers then pay you with an amount of money that is listed on the iPad and you have to give them change. To give change to the customer you need to turn the pizza board over and use the black/grey side. Add the money to this side and then the customer is super happy.

I had to help Alex with the money part as he is still a little young for this part of it, but it won’t be long until he is telling me how much money the customer needs.

My boy did have a lot of fun creating the pizzas and also making pizzas that the customer didn’t order. He loved the fact that the game saw what he was doing with the ingredients.

Alex loved the castle game that I downloaded for him

Games that allow kids to learn while having fun is ideal in my book.

We loved our Osmo Pizza Co and I am keen to get Alexander some more Osmo games.

This game is so perfect for a Christmas gift or a special treat during the holidays. You can purchase Osmo games and iPad stands at the following places: BigW, Kidstuff, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon.com.au, Apple Store, and OfficeWorks.

I am sure you will love an Osmo game as much as we do.

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